LAST Day of testing out. Open Gym 10-12 noon. Nick Mcfarlane is your guest coach this evening.

June 5, 2015

Recall, if you were unhappy with your numbers on a given lift and you feel up to it, you can take a second shot at it today.  Otherwise, testing wraps up and 5 new work capacity tests drop this weekend.  “Drop” as in “debut”  much like L’il Wayne might say “Yo, mah next album Drops June 15th”.

Open Gym is 10-12 noon tomorrow.  Come one come all.  You can do your own thing or get started on next week’s WOD’s, as I will have posted by then.

Lastly,  if you are sick and tired of my face, and/or to a lesser degree the respective faces of Whitney, Jade, and Jill.  You need to come to 5 and 6 this evening as our very on Nick McFarlane will be running the show.  Everyone knows where the fire extinguishers are, just in case…



  1. Took a workout from February:
    AMRAP in 30 of
    30 KB
    30 lunges
    30 s2o @65
    30 sit-ups
    30 hang cleans
    30 burpees

    483 reps

    Thanks Jill, Michaela, Kristen and Amber for joining in! Good Friday.

  2. 14.4 – 158 reps rx+ (accidently did 105 cleans)

    I’ll be doing the summer chipper tomorrow morning if anyone wants to join me!

  3. Darn! I already worked out at 1pm class and now I can hardly walk due to the “squatastic” WOD I did, so won’t make it back up there to experience Nick’s coaching. Enjoy your night off Brock!

    • I did the wobble wobble RX in 14:46

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