Some totals and notables from Strength Bias.

June 7, 2015

First and foremost be sure to retain your numbers, or even better, commit them to memory.  Much of what we do is expedited by knowing your 1 rep max.  For example:  “Brock,  rx’d is 315, I can’t lift that what should I scale to?”  will often be answered with “Scale to 80% of your 1 rep max”.  With the possible exception of the Bench Press you will see all the tested movements on almost a weekly basis.

So, as a whole strength numbers were very successful.  I examined the group average for the squat, shoulder press and bench press in my figures below.  I didn’t factor in Pullups because the nature of the band assistance /bodyweight makes for cloudy math, and I didn’t run numbers on the deadlift because of the “less than 100%” safety clause, but I easily could if we need or want to.

As a group, you jumped an average of 14% across the three measured lifts.  This is factoring in only people who tested both in and out. Just as an experiment, I took out the top 3 percentage gainers and ran the numbers that way  (when you see gains of 30-40% it’s typically that the athlete is very new to weightlifting and pulls the plug much too early on their test-in efforts, usually out of fear or unfamiliarity.  Sometimes huge jumps are due to being injured at test in and recovering by test out.)  So, with any crazy 28% or greater gains thrown out you all STILL jumped 12.5%.  Good numbers!

In absolute numbers, your top lifters this cycle are:

DEADLIFT-  Ryan P @ 450 (4 guys broke 400),  Wendy @ 305

SHOULDER PRESS- Jason @ 211 (2 guys broke 200), Andrea @ 115 (5 women broke 110)

SQUAT-  Back squat Cedric @ 407.25,  Amber W @ 225  Front Squat Ryan P @ 345 ( That’s a CFCB 2nd Place all time), Jade @ 201

Bench Press- Larry and Glen @ 265,  Jade @ 145

PULLUP- Greg 330 (BW 176 + a ridiculous 154/87.5%), Andrea 190.  (VS Bodyweight also Greg at 187%  Andrea @ 126%)

Additionally, April and Rachel both got their first strict pullups this cycle.  Melisa won the award for “MOST DRAMATIC LIFT” with her 45 second shoulder press test out.  Lindsey gets the “MOST IMPROVED or BIGGEST SANDBAGGER” depending on how you look at it, with an average improvement of 29.6% across 3 lifts.

This week is another set of varied work capacity tests.  Treat these (and last week’s as well)  as your starting point for the next 9 weeks and we’ll  run some of them again at the end of the summer.

Great work everyone.  Onward.



  1. Great job everyone! Brock, thanks for the programming. Its always great to see improvement!

  2. Just a little humor for you all…

    I’ve been having a little back pain and sciatic nerve pain (improving) but I went to employee health today for an assesment to see if my recovery could be improved. During the infomation gathering part of the visit the provider asked me, “What’s the max weight you lift?” I asked back “In what lift?” which seemed like a reasonable question to me. The provider again just said “What’s the max weight that you lift? 25, 35, 45, 95 lbs…?” I then told the provider my 1RM in bench press, shoulder press, and pull up and told her I didn’t squat or deadlift due to my back.

    So now I have my 1RM for those lifts in my medical record. Talk about next level record keeping.

    • That, that’s pretty funny. Particularly the inability to articulate “WHAT LIFT?”.

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