June 17, 2015



8 Minutes to score as many points as possible.

Legit pushups = 1 point.  Legit equals 1) chest to deck 2) elbows to full extension.  Snaking is OK.  Lying on the floor is ok.  Hand release is OK.   Not touching the floor with your chest is scaled.  Not extending until your elbow cannot extend further is scaled.  PLEASE,  if you can do legit pushups, do them.  If you cannot, no problem, you will scale.  Please do not do shorty, sissy, ultrafast pushups where you fail to touch the ground with your chest and fail to fully extend, for the sake of a “better” score.

Pullups = 2 points.  Any style. Chin above bar, elbow fully extended.

rest 8 minutes then

1 min max reps burpee box jumps (you must jump to be rxd, step ups are scaled).  women 20″, men 24″

rest 1 min

2 min max rep burpee box jumps

rest 1 min

3 min max rep burpee box jumps

done.  Score is total reps.

Men will perform workout B  then A.  Women the opposite.

Oly Lifting

First find your working 1 rep max in the clean and jerk.  Then…

  • 3-Position Clean (floor, below knee, above knee) + Jerk – 60%x1  65%x1, 70% x 4 sets (1 Jerk per set)
  • Clean Pull – 90% (of cln) x 3reps x 2sets, 95% x 3reps  x 2sets
  • Front Squat – 70% x 3reps x 5sets
  • Good Morning – 3×5 Demo video HERE


  1. WOD B 68
    WOD A 102 pull-ups 85 push-ups 289

  2. A: 59 pull-ups, 70 push-ups = 188 rx
    B: 50 rx

  3. 3 positions cleans – the jerks ✔️
    Clean pulls ✔️
    God mornings ✔️

    • A) 205 Rx
      B) 53 Rx

  4. WOD A 80 (60 push-ups; 10 pull-ups)
    WOD B 37

  5. Clean and jerk max: 75 lbs. think I could do more but I’ve never had to do the catch at the bottom so I need to get comfortable with that. 3 position clean&jerk, clean pulls, front squats, good mornings. First day using lifting shoes and I love them!👍

  6. Burpee box jumps. Exactly 12 a minute every minute on the minute so 72 was my score. I had hoped to suck it up and get 13 in the final minute and thereby beat Neal, but I could not muster up the juice to do it.

    Max points in 8 minutes 237. I had hoped to hold to 10 pullups/10 pushups a round for a score of 240 but fell just short. I forget my splits exactly but I was probably comparable, maybe a few more pullups total.

  7. WOD A: 130 (b+1)
    WOD B: 52 (scale)

  8. Burpee BJ’s – 65

    Pullups/pushups – 198

  9. WOD B 74 reps Rx
    WOD A 161 points (54 pull ups, 53 push ups)

  10. Wednesday : WOD A 249 (110 PULL UPS, 139 PUSH UP) WOD B 40
    It was so HOT at 6pm!!!

    • 55 pull ups X 2 = 110

  11. Wod A 245….Wod B 60

  12. Pullups/Pushups = 130 points scaled the pullups with black band, but pushups were super legit. I did 10/5 pullups/pushups until the very last minute where I just stuck to pullups.

    Burpee/box jumps (RX’d) = 35 definitely would have been faster with step ups, but really trying to get over my recently acquired fear of smashing my shins and/or face on the box.

  13. Andrea
    Pull-up/Push-ups: 198rx (13 rounds of 5/5+3 push ups)
    Burpee Box jumps: 76rx (17/29/30 – last three minutes was brutal)

  14. Burped box jumps 71rx

    Pull up/push-up 175rx

  15. WOD B: 68 rx
    WOD A: 184 (73 pullups, 38 pushups) with 2 small bands. Gradually stepping down the bands, will try 1 or none next time. I need to spend some time learning how to kip and get the form down

  16. Pullup/Pushup = 167rx
    Burpee/Box = 49rx

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