WOD for Thursday 6-18-15

June 18, 2015

Warmup and movement review then

12 Minutes:  amrap UNBROKEN times through the following sequence.

3 Deadlifts

2 Hang Squat Cleans

1 Thruster

rxd is 155/105



  1. 16rx

  2. 16 RX fun WOD

  3. 11 @ 85lbs – rough…

  4. Spent my time in the very lonely Olympic lifting world.. Hoping the time pays off because i would love to be doing some burpee box jumps instead😉 power snatches @45lbs, snatch high pulls, snatch push press and ohs✔️

    • Dude, I’m telling you, this next 8 weeks is comparatively pretty boring and unfun. After this week, if you feel like you can take on a metcon without hurting your Olympic progress, go ahead and do so.

  5. 14 @ 75lbs

  6. 13 @ 135

  7. 13 at 95lbs
    I was trying to get 14 to match Susan BUT on round 10 my weights slid down bc the collar popped. Super annoyed b/c I’ve gotten beat two days in a row by one point. It only means I must work harder.

  8. 10 (or 11…I lost track…insert Brock’s sigh here) at 95lbs. Every single thruster was tough!!!

  9. 15 rdx and damn proud of that!!

    • You killed it!!

    • 105 is heavy. Well done!

    • Great Job Girl

    • Wow! Impressive!!!

  10. 15 @ 70

  11. 12 rounds @ 135lbs

  12. Did comp prep with Jill

  13. Went very light and comparatively slow on this to preserve my lower back. Much respect to those who did this at 155 …that’s heavy.

    16 @115

  14. 14 rounds rx

  15. Andrea
    20 rounds rx
    I used the 35lb bar. It fit well and moved well in my hands. I ran about 20 sec between rounds. It was the thruster element that got really hard.

    • Yea, if you’re new to the 35’s you may be pleasantly surprised. They spin better than our larger bars for sure.

    • Oh shit! That is fantastic!! Your movement looked great too!

  16. RX’d 13 rounds.

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