WOD for Tuesday 6-23-15. Equipment for sale. The new treadmill. And a small favor to ask.

June 23, 2015

Interval Tuesday.  Both genders will go 5 rounds of 2 on, 4 off for max calories.  Men c2 row, women Airdyne.  These workouts will recur, so please record your scores.

We are selling some equipment.  I will post on Craigslist shortly but if you are interested in any of the following items, please let me know.  I am in need of floor space and/or different stuff and practically giving this stuff away.

Most notably our big white safety squat rack.  That thing is SOLID, and will catch any bar you drop onto it.   Perfectly functional.  It’s one flaw is that the safety bars do not adjust their height.  $100.

Our Blue Rope.  We’ve replaced it with additional manilla and cotton ropes.  I think it’s 50 feet long.  It’s nylon and therefore waterproof.  Should last forever, indoors or out.  $50.

Our older jump boxes.  All sizes and styles (square or pyramids) $20 each.

Some of our Metal Weights.  $20 per plate for any of the 45/35/25s.

Against the WOD scoreboard you will notice a new treadmill. This thing is an ass kicking, super posh Nordic-Trac incline trainer.  It inclines from a ridiculous 40 degree to minus 6.  As you may know, our member Rick C. is a Spartan Trifecta Medal winner and training for something called the Spartan Beast in September.  Rick took it upon himself to purchase the Nordic Track and has graciously allowed us to access it for the time being as he stores it at the gym.  Please see me for basic info on how to use it.

This latest treadmill joins our growing collection of fitness pieces that I urge you all to play around with.  The ski-erg, the battle ropes, the slam balls are rarely programmed but all have their place.  If there’s ever equipment you’re unfamiliar with, pull me aside and I’m happy to show you how you might use it.

We’ve picked up a fifth airdyne, just in time for today’s interval set.

Lastly, a small favor.  Since our move to 5651 CBR there’s a decent amount of new people.  Also, we”re in prime tourist season, the combination of which makes for a lot of unfamiliar faces.  Please join me in saying hello to people you may not know.  I try to introduce people at the beginning of a class with words like “This is Norbert, guesting with us from South Dakota” or “This is Myrtle.  Brand new to CrossFit, please make her feel welcome”  but sometimes I forget who knows or doesnt know who.   I see people who have been around for a couple of months kind of come in,warmup,  do the wod, record their scores and leave, all without ever interacting much with anyone.  Now that may be their fault,  they may be a “troubled loner” beyond society’s help, but please do give them a nod and a smile at least.  CrossFit is scary enough even surrounded by friends.

Thanks everyone!



  1. Row: 202 (47, 43, 38, 38, 36)
    Just off from my PR of 206 back on 1/13/15

  2. 4 rounds of intervals on the treadmill (ran out of time):
    34, 36, 40, 40

  3. Row 41, 42, 42, 41, 41= 207

    • Plus you ran a mile too

  4. TortureCycle- 32, 30, 28, 26, 27
    Calories = 144
    Heart Explosions= 0

  5. Power cleans 5×3 @ 65 (about 85% since my 1 rep max is so low 75% feels too light)
    Power Jerk 5×3 @65 (85%)
    OHS 5×3 @ 45

  6. Row 174

  7. AD: 32, 34, 32, 30, 31 – total 159

    • Shit! I could have taken you this time! Too bad I’m taking a week off to drink and eat Oreos! Good job!

      • I needed that laugh after the week I’m having at work. Thanks for that Andrea. 🙂

  8. Row: 45, 44, 42, 40, 40 = 211

  9. AD was not my friend

    33, 29, 27, 24, 26 = 139

  10. Wednesday 30 snatch 2:18 RX (sets of 15)
    Kettlebell and double unders 16 completed rx

  11. Thursday 205/225
    Wall walk up time 2:55

    • Correction 200/225

  12. Did Tuesdays intervals today (Thursday) 157- PR is 181

  13. SP 105
    PP 115

    Walk ups 4:04rx

    • Well, at least I got to enjoy my TOD since 9:45 this morning. I knew someone was going to knock me off. Maybe one day…good job… 😉

  14. SP, PP, PJ 135…..wall walks 3:55

  15. Monday- ohs @ 85 and shoulder press @95
    Tuesday total cal 158
    Wednesday- 5:20 rx snatches and 16 rounds rx
    Thursday- 115 max with all 3 and 6:29 on wall walks

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