WOD for Friday 6-26-15 Open Gym 10-12noon.

June 25, 2015

For time:

Run 1 mile.

then 5 rounds of 20 deadlifts 135/95, 20 Wallballs 20/14.

A few people have raised an eyebrow at 100 deadlifts.  We’re looking for a weight that you could do 20 reps unbroken, at least fresh.  Another metric:  Your deadlifts should be about as hard and take about as long as your wallballs.   These are not meant to be stifling, heavy lifts.  The input here should be largely aerobic and the athlete should not be taking any extended rest periods.

Open gym is 10 to 12 noon.



  1. Hey Brock is there still an 8:45 but no open at 8:00?

    • Glen, sorry for the late reply. 845 is intact every day. Open gym is 800-845 tu and friday. 2-230 M, W and Th.

  2. 36:27

  3. 30:33. Mile 8:38 PR. I did not intend to PR the mile but I had Kate and Rob to pace off.

  4. 22:38, 8 minute mile

  5. 32:15 @ 85
    (Very happy with my 8:15 mile)

  6. 30:04 rx – 8:04 mile, went all downhill after that…stupid wallballs

  7. 23:12, 7:25 mile
    fucking wallballs

    • Speedy mile!

    • Wow!!! Remind me never to run with you!

  8. Amber and I did this Wednesday.
    20:40 and amber got 21:24 rx

    • Great times!

    • Impressive!

  9. Fridays wod 21:26 full RX

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