Please record your interval scores here. 2 Points of note.

June 30, 2015

Women- Your score is total contacts across all 10 rounds.

Men- Score is total calories across all 5 rounds.

IN  the Gym performance note:  Gabbi, our youngest member back-squatted her bodyweight today for a 15lb PR at 135.  Well Done Gabbi!  Onward from here.

OUT  of the gym performance note:  Pam S. was kind enough to share this story.  Recently here 78 year old mother who has suffered some debilitating hospital stays over the course of the last year, was visiting Pam when she lost her balance and fell to the floor.  Much to her mother’s surprise, Pam was aware enough of positioning and physically strong enough to lift her mother back to her feet without incident.

I was so gratified to hear that what we do in the gym contributed to Pam’s being able to solve this situation safely and quickly.  Weights on a bar, calories on a rower etc are all great to track improvement, but these real-world transfers of fitness capacity are really great to see and certainly more important.  If you’ve had any similar circumstances please make let us know about them.



  1. Bike 36, 37, 36, 38, 45 = 192 PR
    Previous PR 175 6/31/14

    • Congrats, Larry. That’s a serious improvement!

  2. Shuttle runs total: 277

  3. Airdyne Intervals: 54, 46, 42, 43, 45. 230 total. PR by 5 calories. Todd set the bar high. Rd 1/54 was appallingly painful.

    • 54 is bananas

  4. Shuttle runs: 291

  5. shuttle runs: 254 (ranged 24-26)

  6. Started shuttle and back seized again. Fuck.

    Getting a massage tonight. Hope that helps….

  7. Shuttle- 274

  8. Bike 47, 41, 42, 40, 41=211

  9. Shuttle: 246
    Alternated left foot, right, then both

  10. Shuttle, 291.

  11. Shuttle run 241

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