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WOD for Friday 7-31-15 Open gym 8-1-15 from 10-12 noon.

July 31, 2015

For time: (LAST PERFORMED 6-26-15)

Run 1 mile.

then 5 rounds of 20 deadlifts 135/95, 20 Wallballs 20/14.

These are meant to be LIGHT deadlifts. We’re looking for a weight that you could do 20 reps unbroken, at least fresh.  Another metric:  Your deadlifts should be about as hard and take about as long as your wallballs.   These are not meant to be stifling, heavy lifts.  The input here should be largely aerobic and the athlete should not be taking any extended rest periods.

Open gym is 10 to 12 noon.



July 30, 2015

ELIZABETH.  One of my favorites.  1 element that favors the big and strong,  one element that favors the small and light.

21-15-19 Squat Cleans @ 135/95,  Ring Dips.

I was at 84 reps (of 90)at 9:00 when I strained a shoulder and DNF’d.  Despite wanting to go fast, please be sure to organize yourself (brace your shoulders and spine on the dips.  Torso and knee alignment on the squat cleans).

I went sets of 3 squat cleans aiming for 20 every 20 seconds, and held that through the first round.  DipsI did in sets of 4 and 5.


WOD for wednesday 7-29-15

July 29, 2015

For time

100 Doubles (scale is 300 Singles)

50 Russian (eye level) swings at 24/16

25 Burpee Jumping Pullups  (chest to deck!!! Then get up and jump to pullup.  No dead hang is required.)   Guys, you are jumping to the 9 ft bars, ladies to the interior/cross section bars.  This is regardless of height.  Sometimes tall is bad and sometimes it’s good.  Scale is regular burpees

50 Russian Swings

100 Doubles

On a separate note:  I did Thursday’s WOD ELIZABETH today, and hurt my shoulder in the process.  It’s likely some measure of Rotator Cuff strain.  Hard to say how bad it is right now.  It doens’t hurt much at rest, but my pain is masked with drugs, and while I stopped right away at first twinge and got ice and compression on the joint immediately, in my experience the shoulders are slow to heal.  Ring dips are very challenging for me, but I’ve never injured myself doing them and as such, probably rushed my warmup.  I was more concerned with the squat cleans and shortchanged my shoulder prep.  As it happened, I was closing in on a possible PR by narrow margins and I rushed to get on the rings without taking the steps necessary (Shoulders back and down, chest up, abs on) to organize and secure the joint.  With 6 reps left I felt a twinge at the bottom of the ring dip and hopped off right away.

The point is, don’t rush your setup.  If you are poorly aligned at the outset, it’s close to impossible to fix your position on the fly/ mid rep.   I got caught up in the possible pr and that eclipsed my focus and I suffered for it.  It’s a shame because my numbers in general were moving well, and now for at least a week, possible much longer I will be limited in my movements and tentative with my intensity.  Learn from my mistakes, athletes.


Interval Tuesday

July 28, 2015

Great attendance Monday, I’m sure such will not be the case for Interval Tuesday.

Men- Airdyne max calories in 2 minutes, 4 off x 5.

Women- I’m going to give you a choice of 5 or 15 m shuttle run.   4 Weeks ago you did 5m so if you want to compare apples to apples you should repeat that distance.  The 15 m course will obviously have less starting and stopping which is fine in small doses, but may be a lot for some of you to handle, particularly if you worked hard at back or front squats and/or one of the deadlifts the day before.

Of note:  Our very own Kure beach Lifeguard extraordinaire Bryant Bass won his recent lifeguard competition.  I don’t have the event details or the name of the competition but I am told by people who know that it drew lifeguards from the entire easter seaboard.  On the way to victory, Bryant beat some guy that had never lost a lifeguard competition before!  If you don’t know him he’s the tall, muscular guy not named Greg or Glen.  Bryant, if you have details or a link, please provide.  Enough with the “aww Shucks” routine; time to brag!


WODs for the week of 7-27-15 to 7-31-15

July 27, 2015

Monday- Weightlifting 4×3.

Tuesday- Intervals.  Men-2 on 4 off x 5 rounds Max Calories on the Airdyne.  Women 1 on 2 off x 10 rounds.  5 M shuttle run.

Wednesday-  100 Double Unders, 50 Russian KB Swings, 25 Burpee Pullups.  50 Russian KB Swings, 100 Double Unders

Thursday- ELIZABETH 21-15-9 Squat Cleans 135/95,  Ring Dips

Friday-  Run 1 Mile, Then 5 RFT 20 Deadlifts 135/95, 20  Wallballs 20/14.  Last performed 6-26-15


Record your 1/2 Murph Score here. Also- Open Gym Saturday 7-25 from 10-12

July 24, 2015

1/2 Murph

800 m run

50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 Air squats

800 m run

You can mix the calisthenics however you like.  Compare to early June when it was a Athlete’s Chpice week.

I did this today in 18:55.  First non treadmill run since Valentine’s day and I was pain free, albeit quite slow.

First 800- 3:55

Calisthenics- 10:40.  Pullups 15-15-10-10,  Airsquats 6 of 25. Pushups 20-15-15-10-10-10-15-10-5

Second 800- 4:20

18:55 total.


WOD’s for Thursday 6-23-15

July 23, 2015


30 Snatches for time.  115/80.  Rx’d is full squat.  Power Snatch followed by overhead squat   IS   acceptable, but not preferred.  If you can’t smoothly catch and decelerate 115/80 at least at the beginning of the workout, you should scale to such weight that you CAN.  If you are restricted by a lack of mobility that is unsolvable here and now, you can scale to 30 power snatches for time, but that’s the least favored option.

rest 10 minutes then

30 Thrusters for time.  135/95.  Full Squat.  No rack.  If you step/move your feet anywhere during the movement, that invalidates that rep.  Stepping after the bar is locked out is acceptable.

Recall that Kate S.  and the CFCB  DawnBreakers are running tomorrow at Ashley HS Track.  Mile warmup. 10x200m.  Mile Cooldown.  5:45 AM!!  All are welcome.

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