WOD for Wednesday and Weekend Team comps.

July 1, 2015


Event details will follow soon, but for now, please be advised of our first Team Competition at 5651 CBR.

This Saturday, 830 am athlete briefing/events announced.  9am competition starts.  Expect 4-5 events across 90 minutes or so. This is for ALL members of all skill levels.  Part of the  challenge of team workouts is dividing up the labor according to who is good at what.  So any thoughts of “I can’t do kipping pullups (or handstand pushups or whatever), so iI better skip team games” should be pushed aside. Team workouts are fun as f*ck, so I encourage you all to participate.  If “having fun” isn’t enough for you, I’ll go one step further and provide BEER.  In the spirit of the day, AMERICAN BEER.  No Corona’s, no Heniken.

Please rsvp in the comments so we can start to get an idea of numbers and abilities.

WOD for wednesday is this monkey stomping beatdown of a Metcon.


1000 m row then 21-15-9 Thusters, Sumo Deadlift Highpulls  both at 95/65.  All these elements are legs to arms, long range of motion per rep.  That adds up to a lot of metabolic work.  We’ve programmed this before but with a 500 m row, so if you search old scores, bear that change in mind.

Rest 10 then

Against a 10 minute clock

As many UNBROKEN sets of chest 2 bar pullups as possible. Men must get 5 and women 4 to count the set as rxd. Scale would be 1st) same numbers but regular pullups. 2nd) assistance bands, chin above bar. 3rd) bands, chin above bar, reduce the # per set.

Coaches notes:

On Row-chella

Use staggered starts to accommodate any shortage of c2 Rowers.

Every athlete can have their own bar. Same load for the thruster and the SDHP.Drops are fine.

Stress that all 3 movements involve leg drive prior to finishing with shoulder/elbow movement. Demonstrate correct and incorrect sequencing on all 3 after the warmup.

On Max Sets of Pullups

Scale such that the athlete can get at least a score of 10. That’s one set of unbroken pullups (m-5, w-4) per minute.

Any style, any grip.

Stress pacing and fatigue management.



  1. I am in. Jill is in too. We are putting it on but if NEEDED we will be available to make up the teams.

  2. “Team workouts are fun as f*ck,” Lol, yes they are!

    I’m in. I can’t/won’t do OH squats, but I’ll attempt anything else.

    Beer BEFORE the comp would make it more interesting. Oh, it’s at 8:30 a.m. But it’s Saturday and/or Independence Day, so it doesn’t matter.

    • Beer timing and dosage is up to the individual,except for Adelynn who has to shotgun a can every quarter-hour.

      • I may be able to record or help at this thing. That is if I’m not too drunk from shotgunning beer – better be old style or let’s keep it classy with steel reserve

  3. Joel and I are in! Program something for the little people πŸ˜‰

  4. Wednesday
    Row/thrusters/high pulls 13:20
    C2b pull ups 16 rounds of 5 in 10 min

  5. Wednesday : row/SD/Thrusters 12:49 RX
    C2B 11

  6. I already have family plans so I will not be able to attend.

  7. Rowchella: 14:52 rx (thrusters suck)
    c2b: 10 rx (I paced too much)

  8. Rowchella 13:10 rxd
    Pullups – regular pullups 16 rounds

    • And I will be there Saturday!

  9. I am in Saturday!

    • This is Shelby.

  10. RowcHella 11:56 Rx
    Pullups – 9 rounds.

  11. 20:15 rx
    Pullups- 8 rounds πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  12. Wednesdays WOD: 12:13 rx and 10 c2b with grey band
    I will be here saturday!!

    • Charlie asked me if you were any good. I had to tell him you kicked my butt, but I didn’t know how badly until I read your posted time. Nice job!!!

  13. Rowchella: 14:21 Rx
    C2B Pull-ups: 11

  14. Is Saturday open to non-members?

    • Christy, guests are welcome. There may be some aspects that are beyond their capacities, or maybe techniques they’re unfamiliar with, but but we’ll do our best to include them as much as possible.

      • Awesome! I wil be there with my guest.

  15. 16:26 @ 60
    12 reg w/ 5lr

  16. I’m totally in for 7/4!!

  17. No beach this year Brock?

    • Missy, I hope to get us to the beach later in the summer. Having the 4th fall on a Saturday, and the associated tourist explosion made me reluctant to go to the beach day-of.

  18. 15:25 55#
    5 points on pull-ups with black band( pretty pathetic)

  19. Row+Hell 16:30rx..,,,C2B 14rounds

    • Awesome C2B

  20. Rowchella 13:34
    C2B 8 plus three worthless 4 set rounds

  21. Rowchella aka Fran and Jackie had a demon love child=11:40rx
    C2b pull-ups 12rds of 5

    • Great time and C2B Jeff

  22. ROWcHELLA – 19:44 RX
    Pull-ups – 10 rounds scaled to chin above bar and +3 skinny red bands.

    • I’m headed out of town Sat so won’t be at the team WOD. Hope you all have fun!!

  23. Rowchella- didn’t time myself but I completed the work at 55lbs at a leisurely pace. Pull-ups – 6 rounds in 4 minutes (regular) then my elbow started hurting
    Saturday – still a maybe, crossing the bridge on holiday weekends is dicey at best

  24. I will be there

  25. Count me in!

  26. Rochella 16:27 RX

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