Wod for thursday, 7-2-15. Saturday Red, wod & Blue 1st event announced.

July 2, 2015

WOD for Thursday–  Originally scheduled was a repeat of our HEAVY wod from a few weeks back, with the actions reversed.

1 min for total reps of

Shoulder Press @ 135/95

Back Squat @ 225/155

Deadlift @ 315/205

x 3 rounds.  So this workout is 9 minutes long start to finish.  You can stop early and move on, but you can;t start early or stay beyond 60 seconds.

IF  you feel like you are better served in any way by switching the above wod for Friday’s long workout, please feel free to do so.  Friday’s wod is as follows:

“CFCB 7″  7 Rds for time of 7 actions, 7 reps each (note the change in order vs the original posting)

Seven rounds for time of:
7 OTB Burpees

7 Hang Clean 135/95

7 Wallballs

7 Toes to Bar

7 Lunges W/ KB 24/16

7 KB Swings 24/16

7 Box Jumps 30/24

Saturday’s first event
For time: Each Athlete on a team must Front Squat a total of 10x their bodyweight. Weight on the bar is the athlete’s choice. 1 Athlete working at a time. Eg- I weigh 187. I must lift 1870 lbs. If I load the bar at 185 I must lift 11 reps. If I load the bar at 100lbs I must lift 19 reps. Teammates can assist in weight changes and positioning the bar in the rack. Assistance during the rep devalidates that rep but not the set as a whole.



  1. SP 16, 8, 8 = 32 RX
    BS 8, 5, 5 = 18 RX
    DL 3, 3, 3 = 9 RX

  2. I will sadly miss Saturday’s Red, WOD and Blue, aka, “Red, White and Hugh” because of work 😦

  3. I did Friday’s work since I’ll be in a car for 7 hours tomorrow.

    42:53 RX — 1st 3 actions sucked…

  4. I didn’t have anything to compare this to:
    SP – 10@65
    BS – 7@135
    DL – 18@165

  5. SP 20
    BS 27
    DL 21
    all RX

  6. SP 33 Rx
    BS 17 Rx
    DL 17 Rx

  7. SP 5…..BS 15,…DL 9….all RX

  8. Thursday HEAVY
    Sp 21
    BS 17
    DL 11

  9. Heavy….was heavy.
    14 sp
    19 bs
    9 dl

    All rxd. Didn’t do this last time.

    • Your scores are right in line with expectations. Rx’d was appropriate. Good job, Susan!

  10. The CFCB 7’s in 24:52. I kept track of my splits and went 2:50 on the first round and thereafter averaged about 3:40 per round for the next 6. Hang Cleans/High Wallballs was the toughest aspect for me. Toes 2 Bar, Lunges, KB Swings the easiest part. I have less fatigue than most of you coming off ROWcHELLa and HEAVY so that must be factored in.

  11. 12 SP
    11 BS
    21 DL
    RX weights

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