WOD for friday 7-3-15

July 3, 2015

The CFCB 7’s.

7 OTB Burpees

7 Hang Clean 135/95

7 Wallballs 20/14 lbs to 11/10 feet

7 Toes to Bar

7 Lunges W/ KB 24/16 (forward, walking or reverse lunges)

7 KB Swings 24/16

7 Box Jumps 30/24″

Zack and Jacqui both served as test subjects/guinea pigs for you guys.  Zacj finished in 32 something and Jacqui in 42 something.    I believe I’m correct when I say that Jacqui found the extra high wallballs hardest and Zack struggled the most with the hang cleans….SO…. Something for everyone.

Oly lifters.  Tomorrow is your off day UNLESS you wont be here tomorrow in which case, do your saturday workout on Friday.




  1. The extra high wallballs, the 95lb hang cleans got tough real fast, I suck at otb burpees & the high box jump…t2b, lunges & kb swings were the only things I could do good & quickly. However, I did actually like this workout…I’m just not very good at it!

  2. Fun workout! 32:45 @65 lbs and knees to chest

  3. Holy crap. I think my experiment in shitty eating has quite clearly revealed that a week long diet consisting entirely of Rice Krispies, stale chocolate chips, and wine is not the greatest fuel for my workouts. 36ish for 5 rounds at 80# modifying the shit out of everything

  4. 31:04 rxd

    • Holy crap! Fast time! I suck.

  5. 33:43. Felt sluggish but good workout!

    • Sluggish?! I wish I was as sluggish as you! Great work to you and Susan!!

      • Yeah I usually come into Friday’s ready to kill it (I like the long workouts) but I just sort of slogged through this one. But I did it and didn’t scale!

  6. 26:20 rx
    Amber got 30:55 at 75lb on hang clean

  7. 33:20 RX that was fun and tough on the lungs. Brock, Jeff, Greg, Scott hats off to you guys. Awesome times!!

  8. 37:53 scaled
    75lb cleans, did 1st 2rounds t2b then k2c, and 95% of wall balls were Rx…rest of it Rx

  9. 6 rounds in 40 minutes. Ran out of time and gas! Knees to chest all other RX.

    • These long workouts make me hungry.

  10. 32:50

  11. 27:10rx

  12. 31:30rx

  13. The CFCB 7’s in 24:52. I kept track of my splits and went 2:50 on the first round and thereafter averaged about 3:40 per round for the next 6. Hang Cleans/High Wallballs was the toughest aspect for me. Toes 2 Bar, Lunges, KB Swings the easiest part. I have less fatigue than most of you coming off ROWcHELLa and HEAVY so that must be factored in.

  14. 25:21 rx

    • Nice!

  15. 34:54 scaled T2B

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