WOD FOR WEDNESDAY 7-8-15. Please note the changes.

July 8, 2015

In 15 Minutes, as many reps as possible of

12 Ab-Mat Situps ( DO use an Ab-Mat) if possible.

9 Jump Squats (Unloaded)

6 Burpees (both groups.  CrossOver Pushups out)

3 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)  if possible.  If not  a) c2b Pullups or b).

If you are scaling the final movement, maintain a high degree of difficulty.  Every rep should be challenging and demand your focus.  So if you could roll through 5 kipping pullups on this workout.  You should definitely try to go chest to bar.  If you can;t cycle Muscleups, but can do consistent singles, you should do so, etc etc.  The challenge of this workout is hustling through the first 3 elements and then gathering yourself for the final, most difficult element.  Dont make the last piece easy.

Took this on this am and got 299 reps or 1 muscle-up shy of 10 rds.  The leg demand is light.  I found 12 ab mat situps to be harder than I would’ve liked.



  1. 6 rounds rx (bar)

    • Awesome score!!!

  2. 1 rep short of 9 rounds 269 reps. Started with ring muscle ups for first two rounds and then switched to bar muscle ups.

  3. 299 reps with my best attempt at c2b. Got short near the end

  4. 216 reps with 3 red bands.

  5. 309 -c2b

  6. Bar Muscle ups through 5 complete rounds then 1 rep on round 6
    Switched to C2B after failing 4 times to complete round 6
    148 BMU
    106 C2B
    Total 254 rounds

    Very fun workout

  7. 240 (120 BMU) 120 (C2B) wasted to much time trying to get the 5th round on Bar Muscle Ups. Still a fun WOD. My goal is to finish RX all 15 minutes

  8. 8 rounds +1st set (chest 2 bar)

  9. 209 RX bar

  10. 180 pull-ups red assist

  11. 292 with c2b. Fun workout, would be much harder with muscle ups, need to work towards these

  12. 235 reps doing kipping pull-ups. No bands!!!!

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