JT Midday edit.

July 16, 2015

Respectfully, some of you have a distorted view of what RXd means. I won’t name names but most of the guilty parties are carrying the “y” chromosome. On a workout this hard, I might caution an athlete once or twice when they are short on the range of motion, after that, I just assume that they CAN’T satisfy the legit range, and I leave them be, and that’s perfectly fine. They got in over their head, they gave it the best effort they could and they live to come back to the task another day, hopefully with more complete movement. The problem comes when that athlete writes his/her (mostly his) score down with Rxd after it.

So, be advised, PM athletes: On the Handstand Pushups–you’re not rxd if you can’t touch your head to the abmat at the bottom AND lock your elbows out with your feet on the wall at the top.

On the ring dips, rxd =’s deltoid contact with the top of the ring at the bottom and fully extended elbows at the top.

On the floor pushups rxd demands chest contact WITHOUT knee contact on the floor and a locked elbow and planked body at the top.

Note the phrase LOCKED ELBOW applies to ALL the movements.

Maybe seeing this in print will help you apply it, judging from 6, 7 and 8:45 some aspects of the Range of Motion must have been unclear….either that or your integrity is in short supply, or your commitment to fitness is suspect. And I would never imply that, so it must have been failure on my part to insure everyone knows what is expected.

Again, no shame in scaling.

I finished in 13:14

For the near future, our very own Kate S.  is organizing informal running workouts at Ashley HS track.  These will take place weekly, Thursdays at 5:45.  That’s A.M.

Tomorrow’s workout is six 800m repeats.  Not sure of the rest interval.  We are trying to get details on accessing the track,  sometime’s it’s locked and sometimes it isn’t.  Some of you may be up for jumping the fence, and if not, there are nearby trails that will serve.

If there’s consistent interest, we can explore renting the track on a regular basis.

The CrossFit workout is

JT:  21-15-9 HSPU, Ring Dips, Floor Pushups

HSPU scale– Top Half HSPU, PushPress at 75% of Bodyweight ( m & w both), Push Press at 50% BW

Ring Dip Scale-  Banded Ring Dips, Bar Dips, Ring Pushups

Floor Pushups-  Snake



  1. Woot! Set your alarms, people. No one gets faster in their sleep. All are welcome

    • Kate, I love it! Keep beating the drum.

    • if you ever plan to start earlier, let me know.

    • What time what days I’m down to increase my cardio.

      • 5:45am Thursdays. If the track is open, we’ll use it, if not we can improvise pretty easily. Jill and I also run a 4 mile loop from the gym most Monday mornings at 6am

      • I’m down for Thursdays and Mondays I miss my sub 7 mile time

  2. My kind of WOD.

  3. 11:33 rx

  4. 9:49 RX

  5. Track – 6×800-ish (used the trail loop) 3:56-3:49
    JT -17:11 – 65lb pp, red band on rings. Shoulder workouts are not my strength!

    • I’m pretty friendly with the head of the PE department at Ashley. Let me know if you need me to talk to her about accessing the track. I could also contact Caitlyn’s track coach.

      • Anything would help!

      • I found out that the AP, Glen Locklear, is the person to contact. glenn.locklear@nhcs.net
        The PE contact said that she thinks as long as no other Ashley team is using the track at that time, that you should be able to just use it.

  6. 13: 14 Rxd. Last time I could find this prgrammed was 5-7-13. Round 1 in 5:45. Round 2 in 11:00. Except for 6 HSPU’s to open I never did anything more than 5 reps at a time.

  7. 13:40
    10 plate added to HSPU height
    Band on bar dips
    I think I did the push ups RX!!

  8. 13:18
    45 and 10 plate added
    ring dips with band
    snake pushups

  9. For women, can legs touch the ground on push-ups? I tried for rx’d but my thighs/knees def make contact

    • Kate, I should have been more clear about push-up standard to the 6 and 7 am sessions. But yes, chest touch legs do not.

  10. Well hello CFCB blog, It has been a long time. Nice to be back. 15:33 All RX, legit for realz yo.

  11. 20:32 HSPU w/#45 and ab mat , ring dips, push-ups

  12. 12:40
    Hand stand pushups Rx
    bar dips
    pushups rx

  13. 18:09
    HSPU: +45lb Weight
    Ring Dips rx
    Push-ups rx

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