WOD’s for Thursday 6-23-15

July 23, 2015


30 Snatches for time.  115/80.  Rx’d is full squat.  Power Snatch followed by overhead squat   IS   acceptable, but not preferred.  If you can’t smoothly catch and decelerate 115/80 at least at the beginning of the workout, you should scale to such weight that you CAN.  If you are restricted by a lack of mobility that is unsolvable here and now, you can scale to 30 power snatches for time, but that’s the least favored option.

rest 10 minutes then

30 Thrusters for time.  135/95.  Full Squat.  No rack.  If you step/move your feet anywhere during the movement, that invalidates that rep.  Stepping after the bar is locked out is acceptable.

Recall that Kate S.  and the CFCB  DawnBreakers are running tomorrow at Ashley HS Track.  Mile warmup. 10x200m.  Mile Cooldown.  5:45 AM!!  All are welcome.

Please check out our instagram page.  Search   ” crossfitcb”  for all the latest hilarity and pr’ing.



  1. Snatches 6:37 scaled to 85
    Thrusters 6:43 rx

  2. Snatches 4:54 RX
    Thrusters 3:29 RX

  3. Kristen, Christy, Terrence, Amber, Susan, Stephanie, and Gabbi made my morning at track today! Thanks for getting up early and getting in a good workout
    Squat Snatches at 45 – 6:40, ran out of time for thrusters

    • Thanks for organizing Kate!!

    • Very pleased to see such good attendance.

  4. Snatch – 6:47 @ 105# – Power Snatch
    Thrusters – 5:20 @ 95#

    • I did yesterday’s triple metcon and got the following results: bbt total 68, down from 72 a month ago. Several no reps in the first damn minute kind of defeated me and I kind of quit mentally. Pretty weak. Got it together in the rest interval and went 7 rounds plus deads for a 395 on the second piece. Wall balls/ttb is a workout I’ve done many times and I got 8 rds plus 1 walk all for 129. It was definitely a day where having other scores to mark off of was helpful.

  5. split snatch: 8:53 @ 75lbs
    thrusters: 6:31 @ 75lbs
    not my kind of day – both actions tough on the shoulder

  6. Snatches 6:48rx
    Thrusters 4:17rx

  7. Snatches 4:31 rx
    Thrusters 5:22 rx

  8. Snatches-8:15rx

    • Last time we did not have to do full snatch. This made a considerable time difference from last performance on 6/23 at 4:26rx.

      6/23-“Wednesday- First- Either a) Snatch Technique or b) 30 Snatches for time @ 115/80 (power or full). Second- EMOM x 16 Odd- 15 KB swings, Even- 15 Double Unders.”

  9. Snatches 4:32@80 Power
    Thrusters 3:55 Rx

  10. S: 6:52 @45
    T: 6:28 @65
    There was no “picking up the pace” today.

  11. Andrea
    Snatch: 5:37 (?) Rx with about 6 fall-on-my-ass no reps
    Thrusters: 4:19rx – I had two to go at 3:50, got 29 up but FAILED at 30. That totally blew

  12. Snatches 6:14 @ 65
    Thrusters 5:00 at 85

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