Record your 1/2 Murph Score here. Also- Open Gym Saturday 7-25 from 10-12

July 24, 2015

1/2 Murph

800 m run

50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 Air squats

800 m run

You can mix the calisthenics however you like.  Compare to early June when it was a Athlete’s Chpice week.

I did this today in 18:55.  First non treadmill run since Valentine’s day and I was pain free, albeit quite slow.

First 800- 3:55

Calisthenics- 10:40.  Pullups 15-15-10-10,  Airsquats 6 of 25. Pushups 20-15-15-10-10-10-15-10-5

Second 800- 4:20

18:55 total.



  1. 21:51 About 3 minutes faster than last time, but it was about 20 degrees hotter then too.

  2. 18:50. about the same as last time.

  3. 22:00

  4. 16:57. Slower by 37 seconds

  5. 21:11 rx @ 1:00
    last time 20:13 @ 9:00
    felt faster during the middle part and slower on the runs today

  6. 28:15, 15 seconds faster but still not good. Everyone is killing me on the middle portion. I do 5,10,15..would love to hear if there is a better way. Someone also told me that my squats are too deep? Maybe that is slowing me down, ha! It felt good to be with everyone today though instead of by myself.

    • forgot the Rx, can’t leave that out…pretty excited to be doing the pull ups Rx!

      • Push-ups are hardest for me so I do 5 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 5 push-ups and 15 squats. I don’t know if that would help.

    • yea, your squats are Way past parallel. you can shave 5″ off and still be good!

    • Congrats on the RX!! I do 45 squats as soon as I get in from the 800 while my legs are still pretty fresh. Then the 5, 10, 15 for 7 rounds and 5, 10 for 3 rounds. The last 20 pushups sucked, but mentally I knew I only had 20.

      • The push ups are by far the hardest. Squats don’t really bother me. Pull ups I had to break up my sets of 5 the last 3 rounds to 2 and 3 which I didn’t have to do last time. Maybe I will do a target next time for squats. I just find it easier to go all the way down and bounce back up..

    • I think the target on the squats helps – I ‘bounce’ off of it. Its also a nice way to know you’re low enough without having to think about it. I’m definitely faster with a target than without!

  7. 20:51
    Much slower than last time. First workout after a week vacation so we will blame it on that

  8. 20:42….jade smoked me on the 2nd run!

  9. 30:46 with a black band. Still slow, but 16 minutes faster than the last time; so I am happy.

  10. 25:02 rx + 14 lb vest

    • Always have to show everyone up! Haha! Just kidding. NICE WORK!

  11. 19:31 Rx

  12. Ps. Awesome to pow wow with everyone after!!!

  13. 24:56-black band. AND snaking is the only way I can push up (so sad).

  14. Half Murph 19:24 rx

    Last time 20:32. Did the same way – 10 sets of 5,10,15

  15. 21:50rx. Slightly faster than last time but did it Rx this time (vs 3 bands last time). Need to remember make sure chest touches the ground during push ups. Overall happy with improvement

  16. 26:06 with black band and snake

  17. 28:47 w/ black & small purple pull up band

  18. 1/2 Murph – 27:22 RX- haven’t done this before.
    10 rounds 5, 10, 15…but did 2-3 extra pushups in a few sets, & did 30 air squats in 2nd to last round, so only had pull-ups in last round. Run was hardest for me.

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