Interval Tuesday

July 28, 2015

Great attendance Monday, I’m sure such will not be the case for Interval Tuesday.

Men- Airdyne max calories in 2 minutes, 4 off x 5.

Women- I’m going to give you a choice of 5 or 15 m shuttle run.   4 Weeks ago you did 5m so if you want to compare apples to apples you should repeat that distance.  The 15 m course will obviously have less starting and stopping which is fine in small doses, but may be a lot for some of you to handle, particularly if you worked hard at back or front squats and/or one of the deadlifts the day before.

Of note:  Our very own Kure beach Lifeguard extraordinaire Bryant Bass won his recent lifeguard competition.  I don’t have the event details or the name of the competition but I am told by people who know that it drew lifeguards from the entire easter seaboard.  On the way to victory, Bryant beat some guy that had never lost a lifeguard competition before!  If you don’t know him he’s the tall, muscular guy not named Greg or Glen.  Bryant, if you have details or a link, please provide.  Enough with the “aww Shucks” routine; time to brag!



  1. 48-48-42-43-42 = 223

    • Daniel you absolutely rocked it today, great numbers!

  2. 136 (15m)

  3. I did the row interval but 1 on 2 off method: 161
    with the 2 on 4 off method I got 154

  4. 43, 45, 44, 41, 43 =216

  5. Wow Thanks Brock that was very nice of you. I owe it all to CrossFit CB and Burpees!!!!

  6. Thanks Brock that was very nice of you. I owe it all to Crossfit CB and Burpees

  7. Tuesday : Bike 41, 41, 40, 40, 42 = 204 PR
    last best 192

  8. Tuesday
    43, 42, 41, 40, 40 206

  9. Shuttle 5m

    29-29-29-28-29-28-28-28-28-28 = 284

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