WOD for wednesday 7-29-15

July 29, 2015

For time

100 Doubles (scale is 300 Singles)

50 Russian (eye level) swings at 24/16

25 Burpee Jumping Pullups  (chest to deck!!! Then get up and jump to pullup.  No dead hang is required.)   Guys, you are jumping to the 9 ft bars, ladies to the interior/cross section bars.  This is regardless of height.  Sometimes tall is bad and sometimes it’s good.  Scale is regular burpees

50 Russian Swings

100 Doubles

On a separate note:  I did Thursday’s WOD ELIZABETH today, and hurt my shoulder in the process.  It’s likely some measure of Rotator Cuff strain.  Hard to say how bad it is right now.  It doens’t hurt much at rest, but my pain is masked with drugs, and while I stopped right away at first twinge and got ice and compression on the joint immediately, in my experience the shoulders are slow to heal.  Ring dips are very challenging for me, but I’ve never injured myself doing them and as such, probably rushed my warmup.  I was more concerned with the squat cleans and shortchanged my shoulder prep.  As it happened, I was closing in on a possible PR by narrow margins and I rushed to get on the rings without taking the steps necessary (Shoulders back and down, chest up, abs on) to organize and secure the joint.  With 6 reps left I felt a twinge at the bottom of the ring dip and hopped off right away.

The point is, don’t rush your setup.  If you are poorly aligned at the outset, it’s close to impossible to fix your position on the fly/ mid rep.   I got caught up in the possible pr and that eclipsed my focus and I suffered for it.  It’s a shame because my numbers in general were moving well, and now for at least a week, possible much longer I will be limited in my movements and tentative with my intensity.  Learn from my mistakes, athletes.



  1. 16:13 Rx and it felt slooooooow. I am not ashamed to admit that DUs kick my butt.

  2. 12:38 rx

  3. 12:12 RX

  4. 16:32, scaled to singles and also straight burpees

  5. 17:42rxd
    Apparently I can no longer do double unders. Wow. Kicked my butt too. And the kb was hell on my back after shuttle runs. All around it was a slow, miserable workout!!

  6. 13:09, singles

  7. Wednesday
    Total bummer, double unders were no where to be found… how can you just loose something like that. Guess I need to practice them more

  8. 17:44 Rx

    Too small of rope to start with. 50 in 5min then switched to a longer rope and got 25 in a row. I can be much faster next time. Fun workout!

  9. 11:50rx

  10. Andrea
    11:33 singles – couldn’t handle the mental strain of fighting for every DU today. I wish I could figure it out (2.5yrs later)!

  11. Wednesday
    12:49 – 600 singles …really need to get DU.

  12. 27:20
    Struggled with singles! Misspent time as a youth!

  13. 15:05 rx

    1st 100 dus in 1:57, 2nd 100 dus in 2:45 – burpee pull-ups were my slow spot!

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