July 30, 2015

ELIZABETH.  One of my favorites.  1 element that favors the big and strong,  one element that favors the small and light.

21-15-19 Squat Cleans @ 135/95,  Ring Dips.

I was at 84 reps (of 90)at 9:00 when I strained a shoulder and DNF’d.  Despite wanting to go fast, please be sure to organize yourself (brace your shoulders and spine on the dips.  Torso and knee alignment on the squat cleans).

I went sets of 3 squat cleans aiming for 20 every 20 seconds, and held that through the first round.  DipsI did in sets of 4 and 5.



  1. Track is happening as well! 5:45 at Ashley

    • Track run complete!!!
      Thanks Kate!

  2. 11:24 rx

  3. 13:30 RX Rin Dips at 200….Let’s just say I need to lose some weight!

  4. 19:56rx. Did this on Tuesday

  5. 16:59 – #105 on Squat Cleans & Pushups

  6. Track – ✔️
    Elizabeth – 10:51 @75, ring push-ups. About a minute slower/5lbs heavier than last time but I pretty tired from track

    • Last time was from the hang not floor though

  7. 22:30 @135 and bar dips

  8. 17:07 RX

  9. 11:41 did 95# and ring pushups. Need to scale less next time

  10. Time 15:55
    had to substitute dips because I have no stability for rings.

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