WOD for Friday 7-31-15 Open gym 8-1-15 from 10-12 noon.

July 31, 2015

For time: (LAST PERFORMED 6-26-15)

Run 1 mile.

then 5 rounds of 20 deadlifts 135/95, 20 Wallballs 20/14.

These are meant to be LIGHT deadlifts. We’re looking for a weight that you could do 20 reps unbroken, at least fresh.  Another metric:  Your deadlifts should be about as hard and take about as long as your wallballs.   These are not meant to be stifling, heavy lifts.  The input here should be largely aerobic and the athlete should not be taking any extended rest periods.

Open gym is 10 to 12 noon.



  1. 21:35 rx
    7:39? Or 7:35 mile

    Last time I got 23:12

  2. 24:46 RX. Mile 8:16

    • Last 30:33.

      • Awesome improvement Larry!

  3. 21:02 rx’d. 7:29 mile. 22:38 last time.

  4. Looking forward to this today. I wasn’t able to finish last time due to my lower back.

  5. 34:52…smoked it!
    11:35 mile

    • 36:27 previous on 6/26.

  6. 27:58
    Mile was 9:50’ish. Can’t recall the exact mile time.

  7. I went 17:58 but scaled wallballs to jump squats with a 20lb medball. That scale easily saved me at least 30 seconds per round. Mile was an only slightly uncomfortable 7:50.

  8. 20:07

  9. 21:16 Rx
    7:33 mile

  10. Just thought I should post this here for Brock. I’m bro’ing out in a house that Mathew McConaughey stayed in. Bachelor party is going well. If it were Fran it would be 24 beers consumed in an impressively amount of time.

    • HA! I just got an update on your BRO-tivity from Mackie. Sounds like a lot of Girl-Free fun.

  11. Friday 20:11 mile was 7:22. That’s about 30 seconds faster than last time. Amber got the same time 20:11 rx. Her mile was 6:38

  12. 22:10 with a 2000m row instead of the run due to rain. It took me a slow 9 minutes.

  13. 23.01 rx

    4 seconds slower than last time but ran the mile in 7:31 so that was an improvement!

  14. 7:55 mile, total 26:58, DL 96#

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