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WODs for the week of Monday 8-31-15 to Friday 9-4-15. M-W-F from 4-5, Kids return.

August 31, 2015

Everyone authorized to use the gym outside of normal training hours, please note the return of the kids from 4-5 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please stay out of the gym during those times. Even quiet mobility work off to the side is still invasive. Thank you.

This is WEEK 4 of this 6 week training block.


If your benchmark time is less than 10 minutes your wod is a 10 minute amrap.  If your benchmark time is greater than 10 minutes, you’ll go for 15 minutes.

Therefore AMRAP in 10 or 15,  as many UNBROKEN sets of 7 reps  Barbell Action/ 7 reps Gymnastics action.

So If my Fran was 11 minutes at the test-in 3 weeks ago, my workout today is as many sets as possible of alternating 7 Thrusters/7 pullups.

CINDY athletes:  AMRAP in 15 of double the volumes of regular CINDY so  10 Pullups, 20 Pushups, 30 Airsquats.  We are building your endurance in your attempts to sustain reps.

TUESDAY- Skills and Strength.  4×4 on the Primary lifts.


Monostrucural Test-  Rowers/Ski Erg-  repeat Test-In with Dampers set to 10-men/8-women.  Runner’s- repeat TEST-In after 50 Squats @ 95/65,  Airdyne- repeat test in after 30 burpees.

Metcon Test-  In CrossFit slang, some people refer to heavy/strength biased workouts and the athletes who are good at them as “Beasts”  and bodyweight/gymnastics based workouts and the athletes who are better at them as “ninja’s”.  *I* don’t call them that, but some do.   Anyway…  After a few weeks of biasing toward strength, THIS week my bodyweight/smaller athletes  (or “da Li’l Ninjaz” if you prefer) get center stage.

3 Rounds for time

5 Wall Walkups

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

15 Burpee/Jumping Pullups

20 Toes to Bar

25 Double Unders or 100 Singles

1 Rope climb

Friday–  Strength Bias

Fun was had by all at our Beach Games workout.  Those of you whose obligations to family, bosses and deity(ies) were such that you couldn’t attend:  Hopefully by next year you will have made some important choices and removed those influences from your life.    There are lots of pictures at the CrossFit Carolina Beach Facebook page and at Instagram at Crossfitcb


Open Gym Sat 8-29 10-12 Sunday, Beach Games!! 9am at Fudge Boat!!! Fantasy Football.

August 29, 2015

‘Cause nothing says “FITNESS”  like boardwalk fudge.

  • Open Gym is 10-12.  Open gym is among the best 2 hours of my week.  I can get some skill work, some strength and a metcon done in one trip to the gym, with plenty of rest in between.  I urge you to get all you can out of the gym you’re paying for and come out on Saturday mornings.
  • Sunday at 9am Prepare for Glory.  We meet at at the Fudgeboat on the CB boardwalk at 9am to unload our exercise equipment. A short walk over the dunes, a quick division of teams and the mayhem begins.  Beach games, teams 4 to 6 or so.  Count on 4 or 5 events over the course of 90 minutes.  All skill levels welcome, very low technical demand.
  • Our very own Shelby M. is evidently quite the football fan and gambler both,  she has asked me to look for some suckers, fellow fantasy football participants.  So all interested parties, please RSVP in the comments section.  BTW, Shelby says “Colts all the way, Baby!”, and “You Fu8&n F$gg&*s can’t hang with THE QUEEN.  Imma take ALL youse money!”  …
  • There’s a 5k brewing very soon.  Kate S.  if you see this, please add the link **AGAIN**  in the comments section. I know you posted the link on the facebooks but the CFCB Facebook page remains a poorly viewed work in progress. This race would be a great test of the monostructural capacity you’ve been building.
  • Congrats to Zack P on his first muscle up.  Because Zack’s not a woman, the Progenex recovery bag of your choice is still on the table, free to the first girl who gets a ring muscle up.  That’s a $60 value, but really, can you put a dollar value on the joy of being able to look down your nose at every other girl in the gym who can’t do what you can?  No, my friends,  probably not.

WOD’s for Wednesday/Thursday 8-26 and 8-27.

August 26, 2015

Wednesday/Thursday–  Monostructural WOD-  Regardless of type (Bike/Ski/Row/Run) and regardless of metric (Time/Distance/Calories).  Take your test in time.  Round to the nearest value among 10, 20 or 30 minutes.  Then perform as follows:  10 minute athletes:  Ten, 1 minute intervals, rest 1 minute.    20 Minute Athletes: Nine, 2 minute intervals.  Rest 2 mins.  30 Minute athletes: Seven, 3 Minute intervals, rest 3 minutes.   Pace at faster than 100% vs test in.  Record only your best and worst score.  5k Runners, this may not work as well for you.  You can sub seven, 800 m intervals with the same protocols.

Rotating Metcons:

It’s been a long time since we programmed a gauntlet (typically the same action that amps up in weight or reps or both). Gauntlets are very intense and create great energy but that said, SCALE APPROPRIATELY. The rx’d loads will challenge the strongest and most technically proficient of our athletes. Instructors, please have each athlete demonstrate 1 full rep of the heaviest weight they’re thinking about selecting. That rep needs to look really good, if not, please direct them down in weight. They’re not going to get any better as things go on, only worse. Newer athletes to whom the clean and jerk is still unfamiliar, expect to perform this workout on the lighter two bars (115/95 and 75/55). To be completely honest, 30 reps at 95/55x 2 attempts is PLENTY of work if you are new to this.

First- Ground To Overhead Gauntlet-  For time. 5 G20 @ 185/125, 10 G20 @ 155/105, 15 G20 @ 135/95.  You get 1 free bar drop per weight.  Every Drop thereafter (including the last one!!) = 5 Burpees 2 attempts. Cumulative time. Caps at 6 minutes.

Second- 3 Laps(6 lengths) Sled Push 1st lap, box plus 135/75. 2nd lap drop weight to box + 90/60, 3rd lap Box +45/+25.  2 Attempts. Cumulative time .


WOD for Friday 8-21-15. Open Gym is Saturday 8-22-15, Ten am to 12 Noon.

August 21, 2015

Strength Bias-  Primary lifts 3×6 vs Tuesday.  If you hit 18 reps or more go up in weight.  17 reps or less, stay the same.

Muscle up-  1) 3×5 Strict Ring Pullups 2) 3×3 Kipping Ring pullups (ballistic knee lift)  3) 3x 20-30 second False Grip Static Hold 4) 3×6 Barbell Bicep Curl.

Snatch/Clean: 1)  4×3 Pulls at 100%.   Speed after the knee.  Jump-Shrug, no elbow bend.  2) 3×3 Deadlift @ 120% from your Snatch/Clean setup, including the grip.   No speed.  3)OHS/FS x 3 @ 100%,  110%,  120%. All percentages are vs Snatch/Clean 1 Rep Max.

Accessory Work-

Bench Press and Shoulder Press:  3×8 Lying Dumbell Tricep Extension.

Pullup:  3×8 Standing Barbell Bicep Curl

Deadlift/Sumo:  3×8 Standing Barbell Shrug.  Slow tempo.

OHS/FS/BS-  3×5  1 & 1/4 Back Squats to observably below Parallel.  Slow tempo.   Start at 50% of your primary squat load.


TEAM GAMES AT THE BEACH. Sunday Aug 30th. Clear space now!

August 20, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that we can squeeze in a beach WOD prior to Labor Day Weekend.  Ten Short days from now we will wallball relay, tire drag,  and round robin run/swim etc to the buoy AND a bunch of other fitness stuff all made 45% worse by doing so in the sand.

A good time will be had be all, whether you like it or not, so please join in!  All fitness levels can contribute, the movements are simple and no one has to go into the water if you are afraid of sharks, jellyfish, waves, the water, sunlight, fun, good memories etc.

Let’s say athletes north of the gym aim for an 8am rendezvous at the gym to pick up equipment and folks at or between the gym and CB can meet us at the Boardwalk Fudge Shop to unload.

PS- By then, God Willing, we should have a new, little, medium, BIG  addition (gender unknown!!  SO exciting)  Our very own Adelynn G. is being induced any minute!


WODs for Wednesday 8-19-15 and Thursday 8-20-15

August 19, 2015

Your choice Wednesday, you’ll perform the WOD you skipped on Thursday.

 Monostructural Test.

Last week you set a value, whether it was time, distance or possibly calories.   Possibly you ran a 5k for time.  You rowed 20 minutes for max meters, or you went 200 calories on the airdyne for time etc etc.

This week, cut that value in half.  Pace equal to last weeks pace.  Rest an equal amount of time.  x 3 total efforts.

This will get you 150% of last week’s volume at the same pace.

I know you’re confused.  Here’s some simple examples.

a) Last week you ran our 5k course, (our mile course 3 times).  This week run 1.5 miles for time as fast or faster than your 5k pace. If your 5k time was 30 minutes, expect to run 1.5 miles in less than 15 minutes.  Rest 15 minutes and repeat 2 more times.

B) Last week you rowed for 20 minutes.  You went 4400 meters.  This week row for 10 minutes and get more than 2200 meters.  Rest 10.  Repeat 2 more times.

  •  If this breaks down in such a way as to keep you at the gym longer than you can stay you have a couple of options.
  • 1st- If you can stay longer tomorrow, do the metcon listed below.
  • 2nd- Shorten your rest interval.  You may not need to rest the entire 1 to 1 ratio before you are fully recovered.
  • 3rd- This is my least favorite, but only do 2 cycles.

Sprint Chipper Metcon

For Time

8 Box Jumps to 30″/24″

6 Burpees

4 Cleans @ 155/105 (These can be power or full and can go from the floor or the hang.  Your fastest path is #1 from the floor and 2-3-4 from the hang with no drops.)

2 Lengths “sled” push  @ 20″ Box plus 90/45

x4 attempts roughly 1 every 6 – 8 minutes.

Our sled push is the cuboid boxes on the astroturf.  The actually slide quite smoothly and evenly.  For now, all athletes must keep the box at 20″.  Put your head low, lock your arms and drive with your legs.

The goal is to go as fast as possible from start to finish.  These are sprint efforts and are meant to be in the 90 sec to 2 minute range.  Everything except the burpees are scalable.  This feels a lot like interval tuesday.  Understand that the size of the class may mean that some people get more rest than others.  Don;t get all twisted about it.  Instructors: 6 Minutes is the LEAST amount of time between starts.

I went every 6 minutes today and my times were 1:38, 1:35, 1:28, 1:35.


Open Gym Schedule Change. Significant Firsts. Special events. New Staff. Yoga Studio Partners needed.

August 18, 2015

First off, I’m pleased to announce that as of next Monday open gym returns to 8am-8:45am monday through friday.

Second, pats on the back to Christy L.  who recorded her first ever unassisted pullup!  Michaela M. also got her chin above the bar after a 3 year drought right before she left on vacation!  WELL DONE LADIES!!  Doing things you’ve never done before is one of the few things I get excited about.

Third,  my schedule is changing in September such that we can likely get a beach workout in on a SUNDAY in Early/Mid September.  I’m looking at the 6th or the 13th probably in the neighborhood of 9am.  It’s been more than a year since we played in the sand and you are all encouraged to join us.  Shortly afterwards we’ll have a combination “Test Out, End of Summer, Member Appreciation” parking lot barbecue.

Fourth,  very happy to welcome Nick Mc.back to Wilmington after a horribly disastrous two years in Boone.  Also pleased to announce Nick will be joining the CFCB instructor staff in the near future.  Well versed in all aspects of exercise, Nick is particularly talented at the Bear Crawl.

Fifth and last.  Not a day goes by where I don’t clench my fist, grit my teeth and think to myself  “Who do I have to f*(& to get a damn yoga studio in Monkey Junction?”  And, as you can see from the above sentence, I am not exactly in touch with my inner chakra’s or namaste’s or some such.  But I AM interested in partnering with someone who is capable and eager to exploit this enormous hole in the marketplace AND knows how to Pass Blessings to the yoga community.  So please put the word out if you know anybody and/or if you are interested yourself, DO let me know.