WODs for the week of 8-3-15 to 8-7-15

August 3, 2015

Monday- Test out your 1 RM in your recurring lifts.  Test IN your  1 rm in your new lifts.   For most these will be different, for some, you can stay with the same if lifts if you’re so inclined.  In general, I’d stay with a lift if I was seeing good progress, but wasn’t QUITE at goal.  If things went nowhere, I’m a believer in changing your focus for a while an returning to the problem lift down the road.

Tuesday-  Last Interval TU of the summer.  We will still mix intervals in here and there, but not quite as consistently.  Men 10x 1 on, 2 off shuttle run.  Women 10x 1 on 2 off Heavyrope.

Wednesday-Double Metcons:  A)  20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Burpees/1 Rope Climb between each round. B) EMOM to 16 Minutes.  Alternate 8 Fronts squats at 135/95, 8 Unbroken Toes To Bar.  64 Fronts and 64 Toes To Bar is best possible score.

Thursday-  Heavy Fight Gone Bad.  Against a running clock for max reps. 3 rounds. 1 minute per station. 1 minute break eat the end of every round.

Row @ 10/8 Damper setting

Push press @ 95/65

Box Jumps 24/20

Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 95/65

Wallballs to 20lb/14/lb to 11/10

Friday-  LSD  (last performed 7-10-15)

Run 1 mile. Row 2k, Bike 2 Miles in any order.



  1. Back Squat: 355 PR; previous 345 (11/2014)
    PU: BW +32=277; matches PR (11/2014). However, now able to do higher reps at BW.

    Will be out the remainder of the week…have a great one!

  2. Out-
    Deadlift: 180 PR ( previous 150)
    Pullups: got so close to one but no; will stick with this for the next 6 weeks
    Back Squat: 125

  3. OHS- 60…I’ve been out so much this cycle–will continue with this lift
    MU- fail..same as above, I feel b/c of missing so much I haven’t been able to put in consistent work/ would like to continue working on it

  4. test out:
    SP: 95lbs (started off with a 90lb PR prior to this cycle)
    MU: getting closer, but still failing!

    test in:
    BP: 110lbs
    MU: I’m determined to get either a bar mu and/or a ring mu and will continue working on getting one!

  5. Test Out: 255 Back Squat, 145 Shoulder Press. Started at CFCB on Week 3 of this cycle. Started at 195 on BS & 105 on SP, although these were not max weights, but starting point for the 4×3 lifts.

    Did not have time to do test in, plan to perform Bench Press / Deadllift. Will try to obtain measurements this week (or Saturday).

  6. Test out FS 296 PR up from 275
    Test out SP 201. Down from 210
    Test In snatch 156
    Test In bench press 296

    • 276 on bench press, typo…sorry

  7. BS 275lbs out 265lbs in…….PU bw 173 + 87.5 out bw 165 + 87.5 in

  8. Monday
    Test Out
    BP: 240
    PU: 258

    Test In
    SP: 150
    Repeating BP this cycle

  9. SP in 105 out 115
    FS in 125 out 175

    BP in 155
    DL in 235

  10. FS out at 206- up 5lbs

    My second lift is DL and I haven’t been able to budge. I probably should walk away, but I can’t seem to- maybe I will switch to clean…

    I haven’t decided on a new lift- power snatch or pull-up.

  11. Test in:
    Pull up: 163
    Back squat: 219 (counting bar as 33lbs)

  12. Monday
    FS 235
    OHS 125

  13. Tuesday shuttle run 15 = 139

  14. Tuesday:
    heavy rope-796 (no comparison number as I usually run on Tuesday mornings)

  15. Tuesday – Shuttle Run – 15M = 116

  16. I did last Wednesday’s work today:
    100 dus/50 russian kbs/25 burpee pull-ups/50 kbs/100 dus:
    15:05 rx

  17. Heavy rope- 1096
    Previous 1/13/15-792

  18. Tuesday
    Shuttle Run
    10 attempts =150 total

  19. Test in OHS @ 105lbs and SP @ 90lbs.
    Thinking I will do the heavy rope interval tomorrow.

  20. Heavy Rope 1310

    Previous was 1243

  21. SR 15m 125

  22. FRIDAY 8/27

    • Got confused with dates this was the 7th

  23. Officially done with Olympic lifting cycle. It was a frustrating cycle but I’m glad I put the effort in. Snatch: in at 55 out at 57, power snatch 60. Clean and jerk: in at 75, got a pr of 82 midway through, and then tested out at 75. Sorry to all who had to endure the temper tantrums.
    Test in for upcoming cycle: deadlift 180(pr is 200) goal: 2xBW =214
    Muscle up work is my other focus. Have never tried one.

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