WOD for Wednesday 8-5-15

August 5, 2015

Double metcon’s but a little on the long side of things, so please arrive on time and get prepped and ready.

A) 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Burpees.  1 Rope climb after each round.  Scale: First-3 Rope Pullups.  Second- 1 Horizontal to vertical rope ascent.  This workout caps at 16 minutes.

REST 10 Minutes

B)  EMOM x 16 minutes Odd– Up to 8 Unbroken Front Squats  135/95.  Pick a weight that you can get 8 of initially/when fresh. Even- Up to 8 Unbroken Toes2Bar.  Front Squats:   as long as you don’t put the bar down you can continue until you get to 8.  T2B you MUST maintain a rhythmic swing.  Any stoppage, even if you don;t release the bar, ends the set.  If you can do a few toes2bar on rythm, do so.  Only scale to Hanging Knee Raise if you can’t really get the rhythmic swing yet.  Best possible score on each movement is 64 (8reps x 8 rounds).

Althetes Testing IN:  Movements like the fast lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) are among your choices as are Muscle-ups, ring dips, pistols and HSPU’s.  Butterfly pullup is not, it’s too timing-centric.    Details about our next training block coming soon.



  1. Did the FS/TTB first. 64 Fronts @ 135. Subbed 12 HKR to protect the shoulder and got 96 or 12×12 Then the burpee/rope climb. 14:25 Shoulder good on the rope, hurt a little on the burpees and had to modify my movement slightly. Tough double.

  2. I did metcon B first. 64 RX, 64 RX. I really like this metcon. I would bump the FS to 185 next time.
    A…139. I would rather sit through a 4 hour chick flick, go to a baby shower, work at planet fitness than do this WOD again. I hope Brock never repeats this one again. Just saying…

    • Tell us how you really feel Larry

    • No wonder you hated it. You did an extra 19 reps!!!!

  3. 1-FS@95–>49, t2b(s)–>50

    • FS @ 95lbs??? Way to go Michelle!!!!

  4. 1 – FS: 55; t2b: 57 – both rx
    2 – burpee/rope – 93 rx – I thought I was going to throw up during the burpees, so I basically crawled down & up

  5. Wednesday
    1 – burpee/rope 11:14
    2 – fs / t2b 64 rx 64 rx

  6. A. 14:20rx….. B. 46 FS 56 t2b

  7. The Purgatory
    Limboing between descending into burpee hell and rope climbing your way out
    12:22 Rx

    FS @115 64 reps
    T2B/HKR 57
    Switched to HKR after two full rounds and a set of 5 due to left shoulder pain

    Brutal day

  8. Burpee/rope 12:53 w rope scale of 3 pulls. I do not like being in the air!

    FS/T2B 64 fs rx and 44 t2b with questionable rhythm:)

  9. A) 12:41, rope pullups after 1 full climb and 1 fail. First attempt at clumbinb ropes, was pretty fun, have some work to do.

    B) FS 56 @ 95# (rested 1 round to stretch hips) 50 t2b

  10. FS/T2Bar metcon = 64 FS @ 95lbs/64 scaled to hanging knee raises. My tempo was rhythmic but SLOW (I guess this still counts).

    I didn’t do the 2nd metcon because 1) I was dead from the first one and 2) I don’t have rope climbs and couldn’t even get one scaled (WTH???). I did sit-ups and push-ups instead.
    Fast walked with some jogging intervals mixed at 7:30pm. I can barely walk up and down the stairs now…

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