WOD for Friday 8-7-15 Long Slow Distance . Open Gym is 10-12 Saturday.

August 8, 2015

In Any Order

Run 1 mile. Airdyne 2, Miles, Row 2k.

Score is cumulative time.  Last performed on 7-10-15

Open gym is 10-12 noon saturday.

I went 22:26 vs 23:21 last month. BUT, I changed my order so we don;t know if my fitness or my choices are responsible.

Splits were as follows

row –  7:47  (last month, 8:05 with row being 3rd)

run- 8:35 (last month 8:05 with run being first on a 5 degree treadmill)

bike- 6:04 (last month 6:10)

So, I got slower in 2 of 3 elements, but ended up slightly faster due to last month’s slow transitions.  Looking forward to doing this again.



  1. Bike, row, run = 27:41 (28:00 previous)
    Bike was 6:48 and run was good but row killed me. I greatly lack efficiency on the row.

  2. Row, run, bike 23:02
    I was 7:37 on the row. I wish I had tracked my other times. I did not perform this last month.

    • Come on, Kapusta! Get your game on!
      ~ Andrea

  3. 21:26
    Run 6:17
    Bike 6:33
    Row 8:13
    Just didn’t have it in the row this time

    Same order as last time but was at 21:12
    Run 6:55
    Bike 6:30s (don’t know exactly)
    Row 7:54

  4. 25:45 39 seconds slower than last time.
    Did in reverse order from last time.
    Bike 6:43, row 8:10

  5. Zack and Nick gave me a lesson in the importance of running…

  6. 23:39, 1:20 faster than last time
    Row also killed me

  7. Andrea
    24:41 – I hadn’t done this one before. Not a runner. Not a biker. Not a rower. Not a fan. But I sweated a lot and felt better for having done it

  8. Friday: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds …
    Didn’t record my splits, but bike was low 6’s, run was too slow and row was low 8’s.

  9. 3RFT
    12 deadlifts at 165
    12 OTB Burpees
    12 pull-ups
    500 meter row


    • I like that one!

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