WODs for the week 8-10-15 to 8-14-15. Training Block detailed.

August 10, 2015

If you’re in a rush, WOD’s for the week are first below.  When you have time, reading the details of the training block would be very helpful to your efforts.

Monday-  Benchmark day.  Your choice from among.  FRAN,  DIANE,  ELIZABETH or CINDY as a 10 minute amrap.

Tuesday- Skill/Mobility/Strength
A) 15 Minutes of Skill Development.

B.) Strength: 1)Slow lifts ( Any lift other than Snatch, Clean and Jerk & Split jerk)  3sets 6 reps at 82%.  Final set go to fatigue.  2)Snatch and Clean 3 position Clean from the top down (Jumping position, Above the knee, ground) @ 60% of 1 RM, 65% 70%x3.  Pulls x 3 @ 80%, 85%, 90%

Wednesday/Thursday–  Monostructural activity OR: Every 2 minutes – 1-15′ Rope Ascent, 2 Clean and Jerk (full squat) @155/105, 4 OTB Burpees.  Add 2 OTB burpees every round until you miss.  Rest to recovery. Optional 2nd attempt.

Friday- Strength. Repeat lifts from Tuesday 4×6.  If Tuesday’s final attempt was 6 or more, adjust weights UP.  If Tuesday’s sets fell short of 6 reps, keep weight the same.  B) Accessory lifts

Training Block Details

The next block (mesocycle, if you prefer) covers the six weeks from 8-10 to 9-25, effectively the end of the summer.  Again we will have similar change in focus corresponding with days of the week.  There is a fair amount of freedom in the programming for you, the athlete to focus on much of what you want to do while still providing enough time devoted to what you need to do.  More so than ever, recording your numbers is essential.  From week to week the programming will base many of it’s values on the numbers, weights and times from previous efforts.  Your progress will be stunted if you don’t know what your 1 rep max is, or how long DIANE took when you first did it.  More importantly, you will drive me nuts.  So please get a notebook, or buy the app, or record in the comments section, or take a picture of the board, or whatever gets the job done.

So here’s the outline

Mondays– we will devote to a classic CrossFit Benchmark.  You choose from 1 of the following three couplets.  All of these are for time and follow the 21-15-9 format

FRAN– Thrusters @95/65, Pullups

DIANE– Deadlifts @ 225/155, Handstand Pushups

ELIZABETH– Squat Cleans @ 135/95, Ring Dips

All 3 of these couplets have a bodyweight element and an absolute/barbell element, so they (to varying degrees)  all balance the bias from the big to small athlete.  Which one should you do?  First criteria would be, whichever one you are most excited about.  If one of the above grabs you more than the others, you should probably do that one.  There are some other concerns:  You may want to do the workout that demands the LEAST amount of scaling.  The barbell elements all scale easily, simply drop the weight,  the bodyweight elements are sometimes trickier.  Also, you may want to avoid a couplet that has similar demands to your weightlifting.  So, if your doing Pullups as a strength selection this training block, perhaps you avoid the pullup intensive FRAN.

One additional choice is a Half-CINDY.  Typically 20 minutes of 5 Pullups, 10 Strict Pushups, 15 Airsquats; for this block we will reduce that time to 10 minutes, bringing it more in line with the time domains of the other workouts.  CINDY is a good choice if you feel like there are elements in the first three workouts that would prevent you from really revving your engine for a large portion of the workout.  For example, if the balancing element of HSPU’s in DIANE would force you into frequent and complete stops, that’s not what we want.  Everyone at less than 2 months of CrossFit should choose the half CINDY.

One the first Monday you will select and perform your chosen Benchmark and on subsequent Mondays the exercise selection and scheme will be specific to improving your benchmark.  3 weeks later we’ll check in with a second performance and 6 weeks later we will test out and see what kind of progress we’ve made.

Tuesdays– Here we’ll have a split focus.  The first 15 Minutes of Tuesday will be devoted to skill work.  Criteria for movement selection are as follows:  1) you should be BAD at it.  2) it should be technical demanding 3) it should not be ab crunches.   So for instance, If i were to choose Ring Muscle-ups.   They are not ab crunches and they ARE technically demanding, BUT I am not bad at them, so this would be a poor choice for me.  This movment here may changee from week to week depending on your own individual progress.  If you start on week 1 with toes to bar, and by week 3 you’ve got them going pretty good, switch to something else.  You are no longer bad at toes 2 bar.

Second aspect of Tuesday’s is your shorter strength period.  Here you’ll perform 3sets of 6reps of your selected primary lifts.  On the last set you’ll go to fatigue.  Based on your total reps you’ll adjust your weights and add accessory work on Friday’s session.

Wednesdays and Thursdays— Here you’ll have a choice between a recurring monostructural activity (row, run, airdyne, ski-erg)and a changing CrossFit Metcon.  So, whichever workout you do on wednesday you will do the remaining workout on thursday.  Your monostructural activity should be somewhere between 10 minutes and 30 minutes in length.  Choices might be 2k Row, 15 Minute max effort Airdyne for calories, Run a 5k, 30 Minute Ski Erg for meters and so on.  This week you’ll select and perform this Monostructural Effort on WED or TH.  Subsequent weeks the programming will change the time domains and the effort levels and we’ll retest in the middle and at the end of the block.    The other day you’ll perform a varied CrossFit WOD.  Here the programming will change week to week and will cover the movements you’re not getting elsewhere.  Chippers with box jumps, wallballs, kettlebells, higher rep Olympic lifting etc etc.

Fridays-– Strength Bias.  We adjust your weights in the primary lifts based on Tuesday’s results and we add accessory work as well.  Friday this block will look much like monday did in the last 8 weeks.

Special Addendum:  Here’s muscle up videos, progressions, tutorials.  First female that gets a muscle up on the rings gets a free bag of Progenex, any flavor. (I’ll include bar muscleups in this offer as well, provided Jill doesn;t already have one)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xR4L7K5rAs (muscleup camp)




  1. So if I do a bar muscle up at 6am do I get a bag of progenex? I’m low.

    • Whitney just told me she can do them on the bars, so we’ll keep it to rings only.

      • Darn. I can do them on a bar, but of course not rings. Will start trying rings again!

  2. Brock I really do appreciate the time and detail you put into designing our programs and weekly WODS. You raise the bar for all other BOX owners to follow. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Larry. Hopefully there’s a good mix of fun and drudgery. Progress is the most important aspect, but we’d like the process to be enjoyable as well. I appreciate your kind words.

  3. Elizabeth 9:57 RX PR

  4. Fran 9:42 @ 75# / Thick Purple ban for Pullups

  5. 18:10 Elizabeth Rx

  6. I chose half Cindy due to injury concerns with barbell movements.

    9 rounds plus 10 reps or possibly 10 plus 10…I think I may have forgotten to wipe a hash mark on my very last round while rushing to the bar for my last 5 pullups.

  7. Fran 4:49rx

    • sub 4 on the horizon!

  8. Fran 6:40 Rx

  9. Fran 10:56rx

  10. Fran 5:47 Rx

  11. Fran 3:58

    And just for Zack I rowed a 2k, Biked 3 miles and ran one mile with Nick.

    • Great time!…. Then you did more than I plan to do in a week.

    • Well at least you did something after only working for less than 4 minutes!

    • Congratulations! That’s great!

  12. 1/2 Cindy 331reps RX

    • 11 plus 1 , great job!

      • A lot of snakey push-ups.

  13. Monday
    FRAN: 7:40 Rx

  14. Diane 9:49 at 125 deadlift and kipping hspu for the first time.

  15. 08/10/2015
    Can’t stabilize on rings yet so still on the bar.

  16. Fran 17:35 w/ grey band
    A week off kills!

    Last three Frans:
    September 12:04 w/ purple band
    August 13:45
    July 15:48

  17. Tuesday : worked on Butterfly pull ups.
    Snatch work @95, 100, 105
    Bench work 225×6, 225×6, 225×2 = 14

  18. Monday 1/2 Cindy 12 rounds + 2 pull ups 362 reps
    Then weighted pull-ups +57 x 6, +57 x 6, + 63 x 6
    Deadlifts 235 x 18

  19. Tuesday…

    Bench- 185 X’s 19…This used to be bodyweight for me forever…now I’m at just under 170.

    Dumbell Rows- 70lbs X’s 19 reps on each side

  20. Tuesday
    OHS 95 X 20
    FP 135 X 20

    • SP Shoulder press what in the world is FP?

  21. Ring dips with 1 assist x 19
    Didn’t get to front squats
    Fuck HSPU

  22. Clean cycle 115, 125, 135….clean pulls 155, 165, 175…..ring muscle work

  23. Front squat 185 x 19
    Bar dips 198 x 24

  24. Tuesday
    BP: 197 x 18
    SP: 125 x 16

  25. Tuesday
    Working on my swing.
    BP- 3×6@250

  26. Tuesday: worked on double unders. Most I can get is 4. Fran: 11:10@55# and Rx pull ups. Last time I did Fran was 8:50 with 40 # and 3 bands. I was surprised at how quickly I fatigued. Can’t wait to watch this improve. Wanted to do Rx thrusters but 55# was really hard so I’m going to wait until my time gets lower to try.

  27. Diane
    5:23 using 10lb plate for handstand push-ups

  28. Tuesday
    OHS 100lbs (test in at 125 max)
    1st set 4
    2nd set 5
    3rd set 7

    PU BW (test in at BW +5lbs)
    1st set 4
    2nd set 4
    3rd set 3

  29. Friday
    FS 170×15
    Rings dips +1 assist (the full length of the band)
    HSPU work

    7 min AMRAP
    14 steps walking lunges 75 front rack
    7 hang power snatch 75
    7 T2B
    3 Rds + 2

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