WOD’s for Wednesday 8-12-15 and Thursday 8-13-15

August 12, 2015

First of all, thanks very much to everyone for your cooperation in making the sessions flow smoothly.  Particularly in our 5 and 6 pm sessions we’ve had both high attendance and a decent amount, new people, veterans and guests, all of which combine to make for a more chaotic hour.  New people, thanks for your patience.  Veterans, thanks for your self reliance.

So, Wed/Th will see some of you chose option A  and some of you choose option B  and this choice midweek will sustain through the 6 week training block.  Whichever one you DON’T choose on Wednesday will become your workout for Thursday.  This gives you some measure of flexibility to tailor the demands to your specifics.

Option A- Monostructural Test:  Monostructural is a single action, repetitive, rapid cycled, low skill event.  Most people would use the phrase “cardio”  to describe what we’re talking about.

Your Monostructural test must conform to the following:

  • Minimum of 10 to maximum of 30 minutes.
  • It must be quantifiable and repeatable (measurable in calories, distance etc)
  • one of the following modes: c-2 Row, Airdyne, Outdoor run, Ski Erg, Treadmill run.

So, you pick what to do,  how long to do it, and how you’ll measure it.  Once you select what, then you will perform.  Much like your efforts on Monday with the benchmark metcon, for the next 6 weeks on W/Th the programming will be something that drives progress in your monostructural test.   So, if you pick “10 min Max effort Airdyne for calories” as your test, expect multiple airdyne exposures over the next 6 weeks.

One note.  This is NOT a zone 1, move some blood, recovery day. This should be max effort, looking for a PR etc.

Option B- Revolving Metcon:  This is the closest we will come to “regular” CrossFit in the next 6 weeks.  Here it’s just a CrossFit WOD, the toolbox, format and time domains will change from week to week.  This week is as follows:

Every 2 Minutes perform the following FOR COMPLETION within the 2 minute round.

1 Rope Climb.

2 Squat Clean to Overhead (Thruster or Push Press or Push Jerk) 155/105.

4 OTB Burpees.

Every new 2 minute block, add 2 burpees.  So 2nd round 1rope/2Squat Clean to Overhead/6 OTB Burpees.  3rd round 1/2/8 etc etc  until you miss.  If you miss too early, maybe because you didn’t scale enough, and you want another shot, we’ll have a second attempt as an option.  Start at the beginning and go again.



  1. Rope / clean / Burpees I got through round of 12 Burpees.

  2. 5K 30:44

  3. Metcon: 14 burpees @ 70 with rope scale

  4. Option A
    5k in just under 30 min

  5. Wednesday
    Metcon: 16 burpees rx

  6. Metcon 14 burpees (3 rope pulls), rxd weight
    got 14 of the 16 burpees in the round of 16 😦

  7. 2k Row – 7:54.
    Painful and disgusting recovery for about twice as long as the row took. Not looking forward to doing this again, but I am happy about the sub 8 time. All you 5k Rowers are NUTS!

  8. Finished round of 14 burpees rx

  9. 5k Run

    • Is this a typo?! Holy cow that’s good!

  10. Wednesday
    10 min row = 2,555m

  11. Row 10 min 2175m

  12. Metcon- 14rds @85 and rope pulls
    I need to work on my rope climbs since my return. Disappointed I couldn’t get It but I’ll get there. Also (even more disappointing) I was one burpee away from 16 rds. UGH!!!!

    • This is missy

  13. Ski 10 minutes 122calories

  14. Treadmill 5% incline for 10 minutes- .98miles

    Should have pushed harder, but it sucked anyway.

  15. 2k row: 10:24. I honestly felt like I couldn’t go any harder so it will be interesting to see if I can go faster. I thought it would be in the 8 minute range. Ha!

    • Jen, a sub 8 2k is very good especially given your size. I think sub 10 is totally possible and 945 maybe, but itll hurt a lot.

  16. Thursday : rope/squat clean/ OBB WOD 12
    Having shoulder pain while ascending. Should have at least tried for 14.

  17. Wed: WOD 14 rounds at 115# and rope p/u.

    Messed up on the “rules”, could have/should have definitely gotten 16 rounds. Next time will bump up the weight, going to work on rope climbs as my “skill”

  18. Thursday 5k 22:20

  19. 10 minites @ 25% incline…216 calories .56 miles started at 4 on speed for first couple of minutes then fluctuated between 3-3.7

  20. I did the metcon rxd and did the round of 14 with 1 second to go. I did not even try the round of 16. I did, however, start with a round of 2 burpees because I didn’t pay attention to the board. That was tough. I liked it.

  21. 5k run 22:17

  22. Track workout ✔️
    Met Con 16 Rx

  23. WOD
    8 rounds
    Subbed the 2 squat cleans to overheads for 4 overheads @ 155 due to pain in my wrist
    Not a great showing

  24. Thursday
    5k run 22:26

  25. 10 min Row 2466

  26. Struggling to get to gym this week. Did a hotel room WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 30 air squats.
    4 rds plus 10 push-ups. (250)
    Not nearly a 5k run or 2k row but I can say I suffered.

  27. Metcon 8 RX embarrassed with weak endurance (trying to perfect form and endurance)

  28. Friday : OHS to 185, snatch grip deadlifts @185. Bench 225×16

  29. Friday
    FS 170×15
    Rings dips +1 assist (the full length of the band)
    HSPU work

    7 min AMRAP
    14 steps walking lunges 75 front rack
    7 hang power snatch 75
    7 T2B
    3 Rds + 2

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