TEAM GAMES AT THE BEACH. Sunday Aug 30th. Clear space now!

August 20, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that we can squeeze in a beach WOD prior to Labor Day Weekend.  Ten Short days from now we will wallball relay, tire drag,  and round robin run/swim etc to the buoy AND a bunch of other fitness stuff all made 45% worse by doing so in the sand.

A good time will be had be all, whether you like it or not, so please join in!  All fitness levels can contribute, the movements are simple and no one has to go into the water if you are afraid of sharks, jellyfish, waves, the water, sunlight, fun, good memories etc.

Let’s say athletes north of the gym aim for an 8am rendezvous at the gym to pick up equipment and folks at or between the gym and CB can meet us at the Boardwalk Fudge Shop to unload.

PS- By then, God Willing, we should have a new, little, medium, BIG  addition (gender unknown!!  SO exciting)  Our very own Adelynn G. is being induced any minute!


One comment

  1. Can I “like” this and also say damn mother flipping weekend work is gonna get in the way. Have fun!!

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