WOD for Friday 8-21-15. Open Gym is Saturday 8-22-15, Ten am to 12 Noon.

August 21, 2015

Strength Bias-  Primary lifts 3×6 vs Tuesday.  If you hit 18 reps or more go up in weight.  17 reps or less, stay the same.

Muscle up-  1) 3×5 Strict Ring Pullups 2) 3×3 Kipping Ring pullups (ballistic knee lift)  3) 3x 20-30 second False Grip Static Hold 4) 3×6 Barbell Bicep Curl.

Snatch/Clean: 1)  4×3 Pulls at 100%.   Speed after the knee.  Jump-Shrug, no elbow bend.  2) 3×3 Deadlift @ 120% from your Snatch/Clean setup, including the grip.   No speed.  3)OHS/FS x 3 @ 100%,  110%,  120%. All percentages are vs Snatch/Clean 1 Rep Max.

Accessory Work-

Bench Press and Shoulder Press:  3×8 Lying Dumbell Tricep Extension.

Pullup:  3×8 Standing Barbell Bicep Curl

Deadlift/Sumo:  3×8 Standing Barbell Shrug.  Slow tempo.

OHS/FS/BS-  3×5  1 & 1/4 Back Squats to observably below Parallel.  Slow tempo.   Start at 50% of your primary squat load.



  1. Friday: bench press 230×14 couldn’t get the last 2.
    DNF on snatch and OHS due to back lower back pain. Sucks!!

    • CORRECTION 230 x 16 reps

  2. MU work
    BP: 80 x 18

  3. BS: 110 x 18
    PU: 3 red bands X 18

  4. Deadlift 151 x 15.
    MU work(thanks Brock for all the help! That was fun!)
    Barbell shrug 3×8 85,95,95

  5. Back squat 295x 18
    Bench 200x 18 first time benching in a long time.

  6. OHS – 95lbs x 20 reps. Up 10lbs from Tuesday. Last set felt the least wobbly for some reason (confidence maybe? Brock watching depth maybe?)

    SP – 17 reps. Each set was tough. Had to kip 2x in second round and 3x in last round…failed rep 6 in last round.

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