WOD’s for Wednesday/Thursday 8-26 and 8-27.

August 26, 2015

Wednesday/Thursday–  Monostructural WOD-  Regardless of type (Bike/Ski/Row/Run) and regardless of metric (Time/Distance/Calories).  Take your test in time.  Round to the nearest value among 10, 20 or 30 minutes.  Then perform as follows:  10 minute athletes:  Ten, 1 minute intervals, rest 1 minute.    20 Minute Athletes: Nine, 2 minute intervals.  Rest 2 mins.  30 Minute athletes: Seven, 3 Minute intervals, rest 3 minutes.   Pace at faster than 100% vs test in.  Record only your best and worst score.  5k Runners, this may not work as well for you.  You can sub seven, 800 m intervals with the same protocols.

Rotating Metcons:

It’s been a long time since we programmed a gauntlet (typically the same action that amps up in weight or reps or both). Gauntlets are very intense and create great energy but that said, SCALE APPROPRIATELY. The rx’d loads will challenge the strongest and most technically proficient of our athletes. Instructors, please have each athlete demonstrate 1 full rep of the heaviest weight they’re thinking about selecting. That rep needs to look really good, if not, please direct them down in weight. They’re not going to get any better as things go on, only worse. Newer athletes to whom the clean and jerk is still unfamiliar, expect to perform this workout on the lighter two bars (115/95 and 75/55). To be completely honest, 30 reps at 95/55x 2 attempts is PLENTY of work if you are new to this.

First- Ground To Overhead Gauntlet-  For time. 5 G20 @ 185/125, 10 G20 @ 155/105, 15 G20 @ 135/95.  You get 1 free bar drop per weight.  Every Drop thereafter (including the last one!!) = 5 Burpees 2 attempts. Cumulative time. Caps at 6 minutes.

Second- 3 Laps(6 lengths) Sled Push 1st lap, box plus 135/75. 2nd lap drop weight to box + 90/60, 3rd lap Box +45/+25.  2 Attempts. Cumulative time .



  1. Wednesday : 2 metcon day due to rain.
    Ground to Overhead 1st 5:50 RX, 2nd round 11 reps RX. My back tighten up during the rest. Good back day I could have finished my 10’s.
    Sled times. 1st 2:29 RX, 2nd. 1:57
    My back is sore and my legs are noodles. Can’t wait to do this again! 🙂

  2. Made up Tuesday

    Back squat: 315×16
    Bench press: 225×16

  3. G2o at 105/95/75
    1st 5:34
    2nd capped at 10th rep of 15.
    Did one set of burpees each time during round 3.

    Sled 2:14. Only time for 1 set

  4. Thursday : 800 x 7 run times. Best 3:36. Worst 4:12.
    Run times in order 3:59, 3:36, 3:39, 4:09, 4:07, 4:12, 3:0

    • 3:50

  5. Wed: Metcon
    A: DNF (started at 95 and after 3 rounds of burpees trying to get the 5th rep, I moved on; did 10@85 and 5@55)
    85,75,55 5:08
    B: sled 2 rounds 4:21

  6. Thursday
    G2O 105, 85, 75
    5:09 – no burpees
    5:58 – one set burpees in last set 15
    Rested 6 min between, really want to try this with RX weights without 6 min cap to see how long it takes.

    1 sled 2:29, no time for second sled

  7. Thursday 800 x 7

  8. Wednesday-

    Row 1 minute on 1 minute off X 10

    damper @ 4… best 296 worst 266 total Meters rowed 2,750…this was really sucky.


    Gauntlet Scaled to 135,115,95 (my first G2O lifts in months) They felt great!

    First pass – 4:27 I screwed up on Burpees though…clearly I didn’t listen or read and only did one burpee each drop. I should have done 15.

    Second Pass – 5:09 did correct burpees this time (10)

    Sled RX First – 2:28 Second 2:10

    I swear to the Crossfit Gods I have never ever felt leg pain like I did after that second round of sled push. REEEEDIC!

  9. G2O:
    1 – 5:54 @ 105/85/75 – no burpees
    2 – 15 reps total – 2 sets of burpees in the 105 round – rough…

    2:32 – no time for 2nd and no juice in the legs anyway

  10. Friday : Bench press 245×14

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