Open Gym Sat 8-29 10-12 Sunday, Beach Games!! 9am at Fudge Boat!!! Fantasy Football.

August 29, 2015

‘Cause nothing says “FITNESS”  like boardwalk fudge.

  • Open Gym is 10-12.  Open gym is among the best 2 hours of my week.  I can get some skill work, some strength and a metcon done in one trip to the gym, with plenty of rest in between.  I urge you to get all you can out of the gym you’re paying for and come out on Saturday mornings.
  • Sunday at 9am Prepare for Glory.  We meet at at the Fudgeboat on the CB boardwalk at 9am to unload our exercise equipment. A short walk over the dunes, a quick division of teams and the mayhem begins.  Beach games, teams 4 to 6 or so.  Count on 4 or 5 events over the course of 90 minutes.  All skill levels welcome, very low technical demand.
  • Our very own Shelby M. is evidently quite the football fan and gambler both,  she has asked me to look for some suckers, fellow fantasy football participants.  So all interested parties, please RSVP in the comments section.  BTW, Shelby says “Colts all the way, Baby!”, and “You Fu8&n F$gg&*s can’t hang with THE QUEEN.  Imma take ALL youse money!”  …
  • There’s a 5k brewing very soon.  Kate S.  if you see this, please add the link **AGAIN**  in the comments section. I know you posted the link on the facebooks but the CFCB Facebook page remains a poorly viewed work in progress. This race would be a great test of the monostructural capacity you’ve been building.
  • Congrats to Zack P on his first muscle up.  Because Zack’s not a woman, the Progenex recovery bag of your choice is still on the table, free to the first girl who gets a ring muscle up.  That’s a $60 value, but really, can you put a dollar value on the joy of being able to look down your nose at every other girl in the gym who can’t do what you can?  No, my friends,  probably not.


  1. https://its-go-time.com/raceforpreservation/
    Thursday night, Sept 10th, downtown

  2. Also, hopefully this goes without saying but EVERYONE is welcome. I ran my first 5k at 33 years old and it took me over 33 minutes. You gotta start somewhere, why not here? $22 is a pretty cheap 5k. Plus we will all go out for dinner and drinks afterwards – sign up!

  3. Are those rap lyrics I should know? Lol. Seriously though, we do have room in our fantasy football league. We like to talk smack, but really just have fun with some friendly competition.

    • Uh…football? Yeah, no. I’m not much of a football fan—fantasy or otherwise. That’s why we have more than one good TV at my house. Richard can watch football and I can watch whatever else is on. Haha!

  4. How about a new, hot-off-the-press CBCF tee shirt?

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