WODs for the week of Monday 8-31-15 to Friday 9-4-15. M-W-F from 4-5, Kids return.

August 31, 2015

Everyone authorized to use the gym outside of normal training hours, please note the return of the kids from 4-5 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please stay out of the gym during those times. Even quiet mobility work off to the side is still invasive. Thank you.

This is WEEK 4 of this 6 week training block.


If your benchmark time is less than 10 minutes your wod is a 10 minute amrap.  If your benchmark time is greater than 10 minutes, you’ll go for 15 minutes.

Therefore AMRAP in 10 or 15,  as many UNBROKEN sets of 7 reps  Barbell Action/ 7 reps Gymnastics action.

So If my Fran was 11 minutes at the test-in 3 weeks ago, my workout today is as many sets as possible of alternating 7 Thrusters/7 pullups.

CINDY athletes:  AMRAP in 15 of double the volumes of regular CINDY so  10 Pullups, 20 Pushups, 30 Airsquats.  We are building your endurance in your attempts to sustain reps.

TUESDAY- Skills and Strength.  4×4 on the Primary lifts.


Monostrucural Test-  Rowers/Ski Erg-  repeat Test-In with Dampers set to 10-men/8-women.  Runner’s- repeat TEST-In after 50 Squats @ 95/65,  Airdyne- repeat test in after 30 burpees.

Metcon Test-  In CrossFit slang, some people refer to heavy/strength biased workouts and the athletes who are good at them as “Beasts”  and bodyweight/gymnastics based workouts and the athletes who are better at them as “ninja’s”.  *I* don’t call them that, but some do.   Anyway…  After a few weeks of biasing toward strength, THIS week my bodyweight/smaller athletes  (or “da Li’l Ninjaz” if you prefer) get center stage.

3 Rounds for time

5 Wall Walkups

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

15 Burpee/Jumping Pullups

20 Toes to Bar

25 Double Unders or 100 Singles

1 Rope climb

Friday–  Strength Bias

Fun was had by all at our Beach Games workout.  Those of you whose obligations to family, bosses and deity(ies) were such that you couldn’t attend:  Hopefully by next year you will have made some important choices and removed those influences from your life.    There are lots of pictures at the CrossFit Carolina Beach Facebook page and at Instagram at Crossfitcb



  1. Elizabeth work out: 7 reps on each for max 10 min. 1 point per completed 7 no drop reps. 8.

  2. Cindy – 248 reps
    Track Thursday – 12x200m sprints. 200m walk/jog recovery

  3. Diane (benchmark): 8:17 @ 135; 45+10# plate

  4. 6 sets of squat cleans (4reps each)
    7 sets bar dips (7reps each)
    13 points in 15 min

  5. Diane:
    16 points of 7 reps dl @ 155lb & 4 reps hspu rx

    • Good work! I’m jealous that you have RX on the HSPUs!!! 💪

  6. FRAN total score of 20 unbroken RX. I was able to butterfly almost all sets…and slightly tore my hand. However, the joy of floating repetitively over the bar like a butterfly far outweighed the feeling of my flesh pulling away from my hand.

    • Haha! Nice…and funny post too. Hope your torn hand doesn’t interfere with your workouts the rest of the week.

      • It’s not completely torn…but it will be if I’m not careful.

    • You have two hands, but there’s only 1 butterfly.

  7. Diane 7/7 of DLs @ 155lbs and scaled HSPUs with 25lb plate and goFit mat. I did AMRAP in 10 mins. I got 8 full rounds + 7 DLs + 2 HSPUS so 17 points total (121 reps). I started out with 7 reps every 30 seconds for about 4/5 rounds, but then someone was blocking the clock and I got all screwed up with trying to keep rest time consistent. But overall happy with my time/score. Workout #2 scheduled at 5:15 today. Running with a friend. Hope I can keep up with her because I’m feeling pretty tired right now.

  8. Fran: 8 rds in 15mins. 7 55 lb thrusters, 5 bw pull ups. Not sure where that 15 minutes went because I felt like I took very little rest. Obviously I rested more than I thought or miscounted my rounds. Still was a good workout!

  9. Cindy
    8 rounds + 10 pull-ups + 5 push-ups = 495 reps

  10. 15 minutes of Double Cindy – 340 reps

  11. Fran: 17 Rounds

  12. Cindy 430

  13. Monday
    Fran work 16 reps

  14. Elizabeth
    7 rx cleans: 7 rounds
    4 ring dips: 7 rounds

  15. Monday Diane
    16 points
    7 DL @155, 7 HSPU no plate
    No kipping

    • Correction… 15 points, completed 7 rounds of both then 7 reps of DL on 8th round

  16. Monday
    16 Rx
    I feel like these benchmark preps workouts are helpful. Excellent programming, there sir.

  17. Fran
    Kept getting stuck on 5th set of pull-ups. Tried three times and failed on 5th rep each time.
    Score: 9

  18. Tues skill: bar mu with 1 gray and 2 purple (stuck here)
    MU drills
    cgbp: 75 x 12 (dropped down due to shoulder pain)

  19. Tuesday
    BS – 165×21
    PU – BW+5 x 16

  20. Bench press – 225 X’s4 X’s4 X’s4 X’s2

  21. Ok- confused here! Was each movement a round yesterday? So thrusters 1 round, pull-ups 1 round? If so I got 16 not 8. I’m lost. Sorry!

    • Yes, each movement was a point!

  22. Tuesday
    Front squat 225 x 17
    Bar dips 275 (+103) x 15

  23. Monday: Cindy 4rnds +34=274

  24. Skill work – worked on DUs purely for Marcos’ entertainment apparently.

    Strength 4×4 primary lifts:
    OHS – 100lbs x 4 x 4 = 16 reps
    SP – 80lbs x 4 x 4 = 16 reps. Had to kip all reps except the first rep. I was rushing to get this lift done. I think I might have been able to do less kipping reps with a little more resting in between sets. There’s always Friday…

  25. Thursday metcon
    Scale T2B, singles, step box
    37:43 to finish 3 rounds

  26. Fran 18 Rds Rx

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