Options for WED and TH 9-2 and 9-3-15. Ashley HS Track AM Running is ON Thursday at 5:45

September 2, 2015

Please note Thursday 5:45 running  is  happening!  Meeting at Ashley HS track.  Short burst intervals are on the menu.  Kate please comment as necessary.

Monostrucural Test-  Rowers/Ski Erg-  repeat Test-In with Dampers set to 10-men/8-women.  Runner’s- repeat Test-In after 50 Squats @ 95/65,  Airdyne- repeat test in after 30 burpees.  Take on these burpees and back squats with no thought  to preserving your speed on the airdyne/ run respectively.  We are training not going for a score

Metcon Test-  In CrossFit slang, some people refer to heavy/strength biased workouts and the athletes who are good at them as “Beasts”  and bodyweight/gymnastics based workouts and the athletes who are better at them as “ninja’s”.  *I* don’t call them that, but some do.   Anyway…  After a few weeks of biasing toward strength, THIS week my bodyweight/smaller athletes  (or “da Li’l Ninjaz” if you prefer) get center stage.

3 Rounds for time

5 Wall Walkups

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

15 Burpee/Jumping Pullups

20 Toes to Bar

25 Double Unders or 100 Singles

1 Rope climb



  1. Wednesday 19:53 rx

  2. 29:50, scaled the wall walk ups, singles
    Super hard, super good workout
    Re: track, just come! All are welcome regardless of running ability

  3. Metcon – 31:25 RX
    I love all of these movements, minus the burpees pull-ups, but put together was rough!! T2B after burpee pull-ups is just plain mean…

  4. 5k row- damper 8–>25:10
    Previous- damper 4–>25:45

  5. 36:06 rx (singles) Turns out I’m neither beast or ninja but I gave it my all! If you find pieces of my hands on the floor I apologize! I tried to pick up all the pieces 😉 thanks Brock for the smaller athlete day! I was so happy to see no weights!

  6. Metcon WOD 23:40
    Subbed Wall Walkups with 15 HSPU per round.

    Stoked on my DU they really clicked on last round and I went unbroken felt like I could have done 25 more.

  7. ugh. pick everything i can’t do and roll that shit into one workout. I was around 30 mins. everything was scaled except double unders. seriously.

  8. 27:17 scaled wall walkups, t2b, rope climbs

    Almost as if Brock picked all things I am bad at decided to put it in one workout to make me feel like a weak ugly duckling. Because it was ugly… and weak.

  9. 23:27rx

  10. 20:44rx

    • Nice!

      • Whoa, Jill! That’s great!

      • Thanks!

      • Andrea, wish we could have done it together!

  11. Mono-structural
    Backsquat in 1:40 and then went to run at an incline and my calf hurt so I did 3 minutes on the treadmill and the last 7 on the air dyne. Doesn’t tell me much, but at least I got a quick workout in.

  12. Thursday
    5 k 27:25
    50 back squats 2:30
    Run time 24:55

  13. Thursday. 5K run after 50 back squats at 95 lbs. 32:10 split 3:45. Test in 5K 30:44

    • Run time 29:35

      • I just spent more time than I should admit to trying to make that math make sense

      • My total time was 32:10. It took me 3:45 till I ran out the door to run the 5k from doing the squats. My test in 5K was 30:44 with no squats. So I subtracted my 3:45 from the 32:10 to get a 5K time of 29:35. So I was able to improve my 5K time by 1 min.

      • Mt mistake I did it in my head, at work and have a calculator. 28:25 5K time

      • Speedier than you thought! Nice work! Are you and Jamie signed up for the 5k next week?

      • No, 30 year class reunion this weekend in Emerald Isle

  14. Thursday- track -3/4mile warmup, 12x200m sprints with a 200m jog in between. 1 mile cool down

  15. Thurs 5K row @ damper 8: 24:34
    test in @ damper 4 1/2: 23:35

    To do this today and complete the 5K was 100% mental. After yesterday’s metcon and then a tough 2 hr tennis match last night which I didn’t even finish until 9:00, I was not planning on going in. Forced myself to go…said I’ll just row 1/2 since every part of my body hurt…sucked it up and did the 5K.

    • That 5k row really blows. part of it is, no one’s paying any attention to you, you’re just off by yourself dealing with the endless suck of it.

  16. Wednesday
    5k run following 50 squats at 95lbs
    Squats 2:20ish
    Run 23:34
    My lower back felt a little tight for the first mile following those squats

  17. I did the 6 event bodyweight Metcon in 2153. 2 minutes slower than Greg and 3+ slower than Joel. But also a fair amount slower than Andrea and Jill. Burpee pullups were unsurprisingly hard and slow, but the wall-walkups degraded more than I thought or had planned on. T2B/Doubles and the rope climb all went well.

  18. Track workout: 1 mile warm-up, 8X400, 1 mile cool-down.

    Thanks Kate!!!

  19. Thursday 5k run
    50 back squats @95 1:47
    5k 24:58 / 10:35, 18:47 and 26:45
    Total time for monostrucural test 26:45

  20. 2K Row on 10 damper setting 7:38 GRUELING recovery.

    Test in was on 4.5 damper and time was 7:54…I hope to get close to 7 on test out.

  21. 2K Row with damper 8: 10:23
    Test in damper 4: 10:24

  22. Did Monday’s Fran variation.
    18 Rds rx

  23. Ski 10min @ 10 setting 131calories…… Test in 122 cal @ 3 setting

  24. Squats 2:14
    Run 24:53
    Total 27:07

  25. Thursday metcon
    Really wanted to do this Rx but my left shoulder felt shredded during T2B warm up so I subbed in HKR which was much more friend on the shoulder. While much more fatiguing on the abs, I probably went faster in these than I would have for T2B.

  26. Thursday
    21:53 Singles, the rest rx

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