WOD for Friday 9-4-15. Open Gym is Saturday 10-12 and Sunday 9-10. Closed Monday for Labor day.

September 4, 2015

Congrats to our “Li’l Ninjaz” Whitney and Joel who respectively finished in 19 something and 18 something on this weeks rotating metcon.   Well done, small folk.

By virtue of the last two days, you may find yourself compromised for weights tomorrow.  For example, after all the pulling activity you may be dreading pullups tomorrow, if that’s one of your primary lifts.  In which case, sub some other lift, maybe a more shoulder friendly row instead of a pullup.  A good rule of thumb is you should not be profoundly sore in any joint at the start of any workout.  Remember, if the scheduled WOD doesn;t agree with your circumstances, feel free to modifiy the workout such that you’re not doing yourself damage.  The way my shoulders feel right now, I will not be doing heavy pullups, or kipping at all tomorrow.

Open Gym is Saturday and we’ll have an additional hour of open gym from 9-10 on Sunday.  We will be closed on Monday in observance of Labor day and will have our Benchmark related wod on Tuesday of next week.



  1. Friday beach press 245×16. No snatches, on going back issues. Worked on butterfly pull ups. Able to cycle 5 plus now.

  2. MU work:
    3 x 3 ring pull-ups @ BW + 5lbs
    3 x 3 c2b pull-ups
    3 x 5 barbell row @ 55lbs
    3 x 30 second static ring hold @ 90 degrees

    bar mu with 1 gray & 1 purple band

  3. Back squat: 325×16
    Bench press: 225×4,4, went up to 245×2(fail), back down to 225×4. Turns out I was not sandbagging at 225.

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