WOD for Friday 9-11-15 plus LOTS of individual accolades.

September 11, 2015

For most of the summer Kate S.  and Amber R.  have taken the lead on organizing some early AM track workouts at (or in some cases Nearby) the Ashley HS track open to anyone who just wants to work on their running.   A number of these athletes and a few other CFCB members ran in the downtown 5k with great success.  Amber took 2nd Overall, Kate 2nd in her age group and Greg B 3rd in his age group.  Very well done to all the competitors!

In additional news, our own Kristen F. and Lindsey M. successfully completed a local 7 hour Go-Ruck!  More than holding their own.  Closer to the programming ,two days later Kristen shaved 5 minutes off her Elizabeth (rxd Squat Cleans, banded ring dips) going from 18:24 to 13:25 a week early to boot!   Jessica bumped her half Cindy from 6 rounds even to 7+5 AND…AND  did so on less assistance (purple + 1 vs purple +2) .  Marcos jumped from 9 rxd rounds to 10 + rxd on the same workout.

Speaking of Marcos,  He has a pair of BRAND NEW Reebok Lifters Women’s size 9 bought on clearance at tryssports. Just a shade too large for Dawn’s Geisha-like feet.  Retail $150, price to you $80.

WOD for Friday 9-11-15

Strength Bias

Primary Lifts 4×2 reps.  Bump 5% vs heaviest set of 4.

Accessory Lifts thereafter.  We will detail them day of.

Then-  A short metcon. As follows:  actions are WALLBALLS 20/14, KNEES TO ELBOWS, BOX JUMP 24/20

0-3 Minutes  3 reps of each  So, 3 wallballs, 3 K2E, 3 Box Jumps,  9 rep round.

3-6 Minutes 6 reps of each, 18 rep round.

6-9 Minutes- 9 reps each, 27 rep round.

9-12  12 reps each. 36 Rep round.

Score is total reps in 12 minutes.



  1. Friday: bench Press 260 x 2 x 3, 1 x 3 total 9. Metcon 147. 5 rounds of 3, 2 rounds of 6, 1 round of 9. Miss the box jump and scraped up my shins. Rolled around a bit then stepped up the rest of round 9 and round 12 on the box jumps. Shins are hurting pretty good right now

    • That sucks!! Hope they feel better soon!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Brock. Track will continue on Thursday mornings, all are welcome! Everyone runs at their own pace anyway. There’s a Halloween costumed trail run in CB state park October 24th. I think we should get a group together for that one!

    I came in and half-assed my way through the w/th metcon.

  3. Friday
    BP: 225(7), 235(1)
    SP: DNF
    WOD: 206 Rx

  4. Front squat
    235 x 8

    Bar dips
    283 (+112) x 8

    210 reps
    Subbed hanging knees to elbows instead of full swing to save shoulder

  5. BP: 260x 2x1x1x1

    Back squat: 340x2x2x2, 350×2

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