Open Gym and WOD’s for the week of 9-14 to 9-18

September 12, 2015

Open Gym is Saturday, 10-12 noon.

Test Out week is here.  There are 3 Events to test out in; your metcon Benchmark Workout (DIANE/ELIZABETH/FRAN or 1/2 CINDY), Your 2 recurring or primary lifts,  and your monostructural event.  I’d like to get all three tests done completed by tuesday  and I’d suggest the following sequences.

Option A- Monday- Test out in both lifts and your monostrucural event. Tuesday Test out your metcon.

Option B- Monday Test out 1 lift and monostructural, Tuesday test your other lift and then your metcon.

Option C- Monday test the monostructural.  Tuesday test both lifts and the metcon.

In all cases, lift completely before your metcon.

I’d very much like to get every athlete a rep counter and range of motion observer IE a judge.  I’m not saying you’re a pack of filthy, no good cheaters who’d skip their own Mother’s funeral just to get a better score…I’m just saying It’s easy to lose count when your redlining your effort.

There will likely be some stragglers that can’t get done until wednesday but as of thursday the programming pivots as follows:

In the recent past the programming has had a lot of different options built into it.  Pick your own lifts, choose from among 3 different Benchmarks, etc etc.  This has some obvious good sides but also some (perhaps less obvious?) bad sides as well.  Chief among them is a general reduction in the “we’re all in this monkey-stomping-beat-down, who-thinks-this-crap-up, sh*tpile of relentless pain TOGETHER!…YEA”  and there IS some fun in that.  So for the next programming block of 4-6 weeks expect a little more medium to long metcons.  There WON’T be a lot of choose your own adventure style workouts.  If you have a specific goal or a competition or a special event that doesn’t benefit from what we’re doing, you are always free to deviate, but you may not get as much attention as the programmed activity.

One aspect of this format is less latitude to show up late.  Check our FAQ’s page on how we feel about that.  More so than ever, we start on time, we explain the wod and then we are rolling on.  You won’t hold up the class, but you will compromise your own workout and/or far worse, expose yourself to injury whether it’s from not knowing what you’re doing or not being warmed up.


For time-

20 Overhead Squats, 20 Front Squats, 20 Back Squats @ 135/95.  20 Shoulder Press, 20 Push Press, 20 Push Jerks @ 115/80.  Between each movement, 20 Double unders/60 singles.

Friday- (old timer’s: you may recognize this classic)

3 rounds for time

33 deadlifts 185/135

33 box jumps 24/20 (touch the ground)

33 Ab Mat Situps

last performed on 5-31-12



  1. Glad to get back to the “we are all in this together and no you can’t do your own thing” classes!!

  2. Excited to see some old favorites return 🙂

    • Me too. They’ll be a lot of pulling old stuff from the archives out.

      • Woohoo! Boardwalk redux

  3. Just completed the following 3 couplet metcon that you all did wed/thurs. 81 reps on Snatch/OHS, 51 Reps on the Cleans/S2O, 71 Reps Deads/OTB Burpees for a 193 score. One stupid rep behind Nick. (people onsite, I miscalculated my score initially on the first round. 81 is correct not the 71 I first gave myself. ) Anyway, as I suspected, S2O was especially horrible, but OTB burpees were pretty bad as well. You all had your benchmarks one or two days before, whereas I was fresher. Prior to the metcon I hit heavy-ish singles in the Snatch (160) C&J (200) Clean (220) and Back Squat (315). Open gym is typically my best training day of the week.

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