Please record your Metcon, Monostructural and Lifting numbers HERE. End of Summer/Member appreciation Barbeque Sunday.

September 14, 2015

Test out time.  While we’d love to see your numbers improve across all metrics, the focus has been on the Benchmark Metcon.  I’d really encourage you to prioritize that named WOD and really give it your very best effort.

That means a big dose of concentrated pain.  I find it very helpful to remind yourself that “it’s supposed to hurt” which somehow makes things better.

Fran/Elizabeth/Diane–Pace your 21’s to serious but sustainable discomfort,  then redline in the 15’s and just try to hang on in the 9’s.  Remember that moving fast within a rep is not important compared to not resting more than  the bare minimum necessary.  Unless your’re looking for REALLY elite level times (Sub 3/4 Fran, sub 8/9 Elizabeth, Sub 3/4 Diane).

1/2 CIndy–  Based on your first score, calculate a pace that will get you a slightly better score and sustain that through the first 4 minutes.  If you feel OK, look to speed up by 5-10 seconds per round between 4 and 8 and then redline on the last 2 minutes.  If pullups are a dead stop for you,  you must start to fraction these up early, definitely before you are forced to by fatigue.  Your pushups and squats will then need to be correspondingly a little faster.

Testing closes out wednesday and then the programming pivots:  The CFCB greatest hits tour has it’s opening date on thursday with two knockdown/dragouts to close out the week.  Saturday is regular open gym and then between Saturday and Sunday we’ll announce our fitness tests and let anyone who wants to, get a head start on the tests at our very special combined Sunday Open Gym/member appreciation cook out in our scenic parking lot. Gym opens at 10 and festivities start at 11:30.   I don’t do cheap food and booze so expect some Whole Foods Organic Shit and beer from obscure states on both coasts.  Why?  Because your worth it!   They’ll be a signup sheet at the gym.



  1. Monday test out: Bench Press. Test in 275 Test out 286. Failed at 296, old PR is 295.

  2. Track will be on Wednesday this week

  3. Monday pull up 322. Body weight 178
    5 k 22:02.
    Test in 5k 22:20. Cooler temp this morning helped.

    • That’s bodyweight plus 144lbs if you’re keeping track at home….

      • At that rate, Greg will be doubling his body weight by the end of the next strength cycle. Very impressive brotha!

  4. Diane:
    in: 19:17 rx
    out: 20:16 rx

    Brock wrote out a great layout on when I should have what finished to beat my test in time. It would have worked if I was strong enough and it didn’t take me over 4 minutes to complete the last 9 hspu. Diane won this battle and I really don’t care to have a rematch anytime soon!!

    • I am still bummed! You put out a great effort. No reps on a handstand pushup are more costly than, say, on a wallball or a double under. You burn energy and the set-up for the next rep is slow.

  5. Guys, Some numbers from folks who dont post: Rachel (scaled) Elizabeth Sub 10 down from 14. Jason went from 17 something to just over 10 on a (scaled Pullups) Fran. Terrance rewrote the leaderboard with 3rd place all time in the deadlift (495), Shoulder Press (226) and Push Press (246). That’s third to Jim K. and Jason W (two HUGE dudes) on the overhead stuff. New addition Chris rolled up a 415 back squat, frankly, kind of casually, to secure 3rd all time in that event. So, a very noteworthy day. PLEASE do post your scores!

  6. Bar Dip
    Test in 242 (+70) wrist was sore that day and could have gotten more
    Test out 326 (+154)

    5k run
    Test in 21:41
    Test out 20:28
    Miles: 6:30, 7:00, 6:58

  7. BP in 155 out 175
    10 min Row in 2466m out 2512m. Tried totally different technique and damper setting, not sure it worked for me. Will practice somewhere in the middle to improve rows

  8. 1/2 Cindy 310 reps down 21 from test in.

  9. Monday Test Out
    BP: 230 in, 241 out
    10 min max row: 2,555 in 2,587 out

  10. 1/2 Cindy- test in 184, test out 222

  11. Fran test in 4:49 out 4:12

    • So close to sub 4, you have to try again, right?

  12. Test out: snatch, test in 156 Test out 171 PR

  13. 1/2 Cindy 13 rounds + 12 reps = 402
    Test in 12 rounds + 2 reps = 362
    Amber did Elizabeth @ 65 lbs. Time 9:06. Test in 11:44.

  14. Elizabeth
    Test in: 18:10rx. Test out: 17:53rx
    Even though I did slightly better, I was hoping for a bigger drop. First day back to the gym after a head cold, so may try again in a week or two.

  15. CGBP (hands on the smooth part inside the line):
    test in: 105
    test out: 110

    Ring MU:
    test in: can’t do
    test out: still can’t do, but do feel like my timing and form is better, just need to pull higher and more violent. One day…

  16. Fran : 10:07 w/g assistance
    Test in: 17:35 (bad day)

    Previous best (2014) was 12:xx. Can’t find it now but recall seeing it recently.

    • Test in comments:
      Fran 17:35 w/ grey band
      A week off kills!

      Previous three Frans (2014):
      September 12:04 w/ purple band
      August 13:45w/purple
      July 15:48 w/purple

  17. Front squat
    In 225 (85-90%)
    Out 260 (back started to round so 90-95%)
    +35 (16%)

    In 6:40
    Out 5:54

    Overall very happy with the strong and meaningful gains I’ve had across the lifts, 5k run and Fran. Great 6 week program!

  18. Ski 10 minutes for calories 122in 131out

  19. Primary Lifts:
    Pull-up, in at body weight plus 12lb, out at body weight plus 20lb bulletproof vest
    OHS, in at sad little 40lbs, out at much-less-sad 85lbs

    Scaled to 65# and banded bar dips- down to 8:57 from 13:47……..

    • Whew! You had a GREAT training block. That OHS start number is low and therefore the huge jump is mostly “figuring it out” but the Elizabeth, the 5k and the pullups are totally legit.

  20. Fran 3:44 from 3:58

    • Awesome !!!

      • Thank you!!

    • Legit too. Movements looked good!

      • Thanks for judging Brock!

  21. Fran 10:56 in, 9:21 out

    Brock’s rep scheme helped a lot

  22. 1/2 Cindy
    In: 185
    Out: 330

  23. Deadlift 345 which is a PR. I missed test in but prior best was 335.

    • Nice Job Greg. Not your favorite lift, but now you;re basically at double bodyweight!

  24. 5K test out run. Test in 30:44 6 weeks ago today’s test out 27.25! PR for me. It sure helped having cooler and low humidity weather to run in.

  25. Back squat: 375 PR
    Great spot Glenn, thanks!
    (Missed 400 and 385).
    Previous PR was 355 on test out during last strength cycle 8/3.

  26. 5k run
    Test in 22:17
    Test out 20:51

    • Great job man!

    • Must be the shoes

    • Smoked it!

  27. 5k run:
    est in at 28:05, test out at 25:29

  28. 5k row
    test in: 23:35 (damper 4 1/2)
    test out: 23:22 – PR (damper 6 1/2)

  29. Diane
    Tested in at 5:23 using ab mat & 10lb plate, RX DL. After talking to Brock decided to take away 10lb plate.

    Test out 6:31 with only ab mat, RX DL. Very happy with only gaining 1 min but no plate!!!

    • Nice Wendy. Diane has proved to be the trickiest one to improve on. Well done.

  30. Diane: test in=6:10; test out=3:56 (35lb plate for HSPU). Super excited about my time! Now time to work on my kipping for the HSPU-something I am looking forward to!:)

  31. 5k: test in=33:20; test out=29:42(sub 30 was my goal!) My ankle is getting stronger and stronger which is why I chose the run-to test it…can only get better from here!;)

  32. Friday
    5k row In–>25:45 out–>24:36 -1:09

  33. 10 minute row – IN 2194 meters, OUT 2283 meters
    Muscle Up – still attempting!
    OHS – test out at 95, this was carried over from previous cycle. I think I tested in at 85.
    Elizabeth (with bar dips) – IN 14:01, OUT 11:44

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