test out RECAP andWOD for Thursday 9-16-15

September 17, 2015

ALright, first and foremost, while not at all one to blow sunshine at anyone, I was really happy with the progress from test in to test out on this last training block. Six weeks is not that long and with some exceptions, numbers moved very well.

As always, the newer you are the more you can expect things to jump, and this was by and large borne out, but even so, we had some veterans hitting lifetime PR’s, so very well done.

The leaderboard saw a good amount of movement, so if you WERE up there, check and see if you are STILL up there, and if not, perhaps do something about it.

One very interesting note was a very limited (2-3%) improvement in people’s scores on the C2 Row. People were getting 6-8 more calories in 10 minutes or 80-90 more meters in 20 minutes. This was definitely a lagging device compared to some of the other monostructural metrics, notably the run times.

Muscleups remain elusive to our girls. The offer stands: Free progenex of your choice for 1 measly ring muscleup.

A lot of you choose not to post, and I really wish you would. It aids to the esprit and frankly, you’ll probably forget your numbers or lose your notebook or your phone will crash etc. I wont say if you’re not posting, you’re not serious about CrossFit but I will say Cedric and Aaron never post and let you draw your own conclusions.

Here’s your workout for Thursday. Please don’t be late.
For time

20 Overhead Squats 135/95

20 Double Unders

20 Front Squats 135/95

20 Double Unders

20 Back Squats 135/95

20 Double Unders

20 Shoulder Press 115/80

20 Double Unders

20 Push Press 115/80

20 Double Unders

20 Push Jerks 115/80


Bar comes off the ground for all movements.  One bar for the entire workout (so you change your own weights as necessary)  Scaling one action does not demand that you then scale all of them.  For instance, many people will need to scale the Overhead Squats and nothing else.  Doing that is fine.  Scale the barbell actions by reducing the weight not the reps.  Scale the double unders either 4 to 1 (80) speed rope singles or 3 to 1 (60) heavyrope singles.  BUT, this IS considered scaled.  Doubles will degrade with all this fatigue so performing them is definitely the hardest option.

I performed this today and have recreated my splits below.  During mywarmups the 115 shoulder press was challenging but mildly painful, so I went with it.  By the time I got to shoulder press in the actual workout, it had become significantly harder and more painful, so after some delay and indecision, I scaled to 95, which was plenty heavy, but I know we’ve got some overhead monsters so the rxd remains an ambitious 115.  You’ll see my split on that reflects the start-stop-think-and-wonder-start again process.  This workout was pretty tough.  Brace yourselves.

Action  Split    Total Time  Breakdown

OHS      1:50       1:50     12-8

Doubles  :42        2:33  Unbroken

FS        2:27        5:00   8-12

Doubles  1:00      6:00  unbroken

BS           2:22      8:22  12-8

Doubles   :53       9:15   18-2

SP            *3:49*   13:04   10-6-4

Doubles  1:04      14:08  missx3 then 20 unbroken

PP           2:22      16:30  10-6-4

Doubles   1:00      17:30  17-1-2

PJ           1:56      19:24  10-6-4



  1. 21:17 RX this was a lung burner for me. I’m so out of cardio shape.

  2. 20:30rx

    Double unders were all unbroken which helped me quite a bit. Shoulder to overhead were pretty heavy for me.

  3. 22:49 scaled
    Double unders

    Liked this one! And I definitely agree about posting. I’ve posted almost all my workouts even unscheduled ones like track or made up WODS since I joined in 2011. It helps to be able to look them up. And it’s just more fun when people post.

  4. 23:12

    Scaled OHS to 80# and SP to 75#, rest rxd.

    This was a good one! Having a hard time lifting my arms above my shoulders already. I will be feeling this for a while.

  5. 17:59 but scaled OHS to 95 lb and Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Split Jerk to 95 lb

  6. Holy crap that sucked!! Kate & Susan – y’all are crazy for liking this one 😉

    29:31 scaled OHS & SP to 65lbs, rest rx

    Thank you to everyone who helped clean up my mess as I laid on the floor about to die.

    I also agree about posting! As some of these “greatist hits” come around, it’s fun to see some of the old comments. And it helps to know if you had other activities going on or if something hurt that day when you go to repeat a lift or wod.

  7. 19:59
    Scaled OHS to 65, rest was Rx

  8. 25:35 @ 95lbs on everything with singles…… I’m with Jacqui, that sucked!!!

  9. Andrea
    18:10 Rx then I moaned like Marcos for quite a while. My double unders sucked but I didn’t stare at the bar for very long in the middle of a movement. Broke down the shoulder stuff 6-5-4-3-2. Somehow it worked!

  10. Completed in 17:35
    Was not RX used heavy rope for 60 per round in substitution of double unders

  11. 20:34
    Scaled to death. 55/75/75/55/55/55

  12. 26:11. 75/75/75 squats, 60/65/75 shoulder did dus.
    i spent a lot of time talking myself into picking the bar up again.

  13. This was super disgusting after a week and a half off and 3 days of debauchery in Vegas. Scaled to 95 OHS and 115 the rest of the way. 29:13.

  14. 12:50rx not this week Barber

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