WOD for Friday 9-18-15

September 18, 2015

For time:

33 Deadlifts 185/135

33 Touch The Ground Box Jumps (unfortunately, we have done both regular box jumps and touch the ground box jumps.  Going forward, lets hold ourselves to the higher standard)  24/20

33 Ab mat Situps

The problem here is the length of the sets.  The loading is not too bad.  Keep your speed of movement deliberate and controlled and you should be fine.

We’ve performed this in the past on  2-7-2013, 5-31-12, and 9-13-11.  If you type “33 deadlifts” into the comments section, those entries will pop up.  Worth a look.



  1. 24:07 scale DL to bench @135. My back…every time I feel it’s good I do a WOD like yesterday and it’s back to pain the next day. frustrating.

  2. 15:17 at 105, tall step ups (legs were wobbly from the get-go)

    Feb ’13 – 20:05 at 90 but I think I jumped
    May ’12 – skipped because I was afraid of deadlifts. I know better now 😉

    Recording scores does have a benefit!

  3. 19:28 rx

  4. 17:44 at 105
    Box jumps were slow

    I’ve only done this once before (5/31/12) – 22:56 at 95. Don’t know if that was touch the ground or not. But definite improvement.

  5. Based on previous scores/times, I could have/should have gone rx. But I’m beat up from Diane, yesterday and a 1 1/2 hour singles match this morning.

    22:23 @ 105

    2/13 – 23:27 rx
    5/12 – 25:24 rnd 1 rx, then dropped to 95
    9/11 – 19:02 135 & jump to tire (used to be girl’s standard)
    1/11 – 15:13 95 & tire

    I can’t believe I’ve done this 5 times now!

  6. 17:50RX
    Previously performed on 5-31-12=19:38rx

  7. I am missing today but I am def going to make it up!!!

    • I’m doing it tomorrow around 11am ~andrea

  8. A score of 244
    Ran out of time & steam and very embarrassed about it.

  9. 213 @24:00 cap RX

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