MEMBER APPRECIATION COOK OUT SUNDAY 12 Noon. Open Gym Sunday at 10. Next Week’s training detailed.

September 20, 2015

First Tomorrow’s schedule is

Gym Opens at 10-12

Grill Starts up at 11:30.

Food and Booze Circa 12 noon.  We have burgers, teryaki meatballs, Ryan P is pulling some pork.  Salad and Strawberries plus beer and wine.  Supplies are limited so push your way to the front.

Anyone who wants to can jump on the training tests for the week early at open gym.  If you know you wont be here on such and such a day.

A while ago, with this week in mind, I asked Jade, Whitney, Jill and Nick for some help drafting up a series of fitness tests for this training block.  We’re away from strength bias and straight monostructural events, which, while totally valid fitness measures, are not as fun as some of what is more unique to CrossFit: your couplets, triplets and chippers. A lot of factors need to be considered in creating a broad spectrum testing protocol for a large group.  Some concerns are obvious;  the tests should be challenging, should cover a wide range of fitness attributes, and should be safe to perform intensely.  Some concerns are less apparent.  The tests need to be practical.  A marathon is a valid fitness test, but not practical for our purposes. There’s a need to avoid equipment bottlenecks and repeating similar attributes more than once.  We wanted the tests to be fun, to some degree, and to showcase a variety of formats.  CrossFit can descedn into nothing but “FOR TIME” and AMRAP’s, and we’d like to venture off those beaten paths.  So anyway,  here’s what we’ve come up with.  Big thanks to my instructor team, I got a lot of good ideas from them and tried to cite my source where appropriate.  I think you’ll enjoy.


  1. PURE POWER-  8 minutes to establish a 1 Rep max Thruster for Load.  Bar comes out of the racks. Score is heaviest weight lifted.
  2. AEROBIC RECOVERY- 2 Minutes ON/ 4 Minutes OFF max Calories on the Airdyne x 4 rounds.  Score is total calories.


  1. GROSS MOTOR EFFICACY- 10 minutes to establish your best score on the complex:  Hang Clean/ Full Clean.  Athlete deadlifts the weight to standing and can dip anywhere to the knee on the hang clean, must touch the ground on the full clean.  Weight can be caught low or high.  Score is heaviest weight.
  2. BALANCED MEDIUM LENGTH METCON (“Total Body Pain Cave”)-  For Time: 6 Lengths Sled Push + 90/50, 30 Pullups, 60 AB Mat Situps, 30 Burpees. (JILL)


  1. UPPER BODY PUSHING STRENGTH –  Max Reps in 2 Mins of Bench Press @ BW/.66 BW.  Score is Total Reps.
  2. MENTAL TOUGHNESS/DISCOMFORT- For time 2k/1500 row, 100 Wallballs 20/14. (NICK)


  1. GRIP STRENGTH-  Chin Above the bar Static Hold for total seconds followed immediately by max reps KB Swing.  Score is total seconds plus total reps.  1 Attempt only.
  2. PACE/GAMESMANSHIP/TECHNIQUE/MOBILITY- EMOMx30- 2 Overhead Squats.  Score is total poundage lifted across all attempts. (JADE)


  1. LOWER BODY STRENGTH-  Max Reps in 2 Minutes of Back Squat at 225/155.   Break Parallel.
  2. BALANCE AND BODY AWARENESS- 4 RFT- 50 HeavyRope SIngles on 1 foot (R,L,R,L), Balance Beam Traverse, 10 Handstand Pushups (WHITNEY)


  1. I was given credit where it was not due. Sorry to whomever made up that workout. Brock gave me your thunder.

  2. EMOM?

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