Test Details. Monday- Pure Power and Aerobic Recovery. KIDZ Zone. Member Appreciation Cookout recap.

September 21, 2015

First of all, thanks to the attendees at our first kid friendly event.   I’d like to especially thank the many of you who are not huge kid fans for making an appearance in spite of the pre-adults.  We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 people and *I think* things flowed smoothly due in HUGE part to Ryan P.  and Vilija who not only contributed the delicious barbeque but help pitch in with getting food set up and served.    If you were NOT there, rest assured you are still an appreciated member. (ALSO! Late edit– Forget to thank Jade and Stephen D. for the supplemental beer, all of which was taken advantage of).

Speaking of kids, I just need to speak to a gradual creep away from our policy.  Please remember that kids are not permitted at the gym.  It’s a bad environment, where everything looks like a toy, but isn’t.  The music is profane.  And significantly, kids aren’t covered by our insurance. If your kid breaks her neck swinging from a rope and you sue me, expect to get paid in bumper plates and 100 lb stall mats.   If you MUST bring them (and must is:  my sitter got hit by a truck, or my house caught on fire and I had to get them out)  please make sure you bring them stuff to do.  That stuff does not include ANY gym equipment.  Not the big tires, not the ropes, not the wallballs.  Get your kid an IPAD and headphones.  I am in the same boat myself where often the easiest choice would be to bring the kid to the gym, but I avoid that if at all possible, and if not, I hold the kid and keep him out of the way.  Please do the same.  Thank you.

Monday Test 1- Pure Power:  8 Minutes to establish a 1 RM thruster.  Bar comes out of the rack.  Athlete must descend with the bar to below parallel, and drive the bar to true overhead in one upward motion.  Redip of the hip, lack of control at the top, any movement of the feet and failure to get the bar above the heel equals a no rep.  Score is best single weight lifted.  Multiple attempts are fine.  Drops are fine.  Athlete cannot be assisted with his/her weight changes and return to the rack.  If you drop it, you must clean it.

Monday Test 2- Aerobic Recovery  4 rounds, 2 mins on, 4 mins off for total calories on the airdyne.  Most of you have seen this 4/5ths of Interval Tuesday before.



  1. Thruster max 85
    Bike 28 29 28 26 total 111

  2. Thruster max 175
    Bike 43, 40, 39, 40 = 162

  3. Max 1 rep thruster. 226
    Hell Bike 2 on 3 off. 42, 39, 35, 37. Round 3 was the hardest.

  4. Thruster max 85
    Bike 34 30 30 30; total 124

  5. thruster 100#. (to ball/not breaking parallel due to gimpy ass hip)
    stupid bike 32, 28, 24, 26 110

  6. Thruster max-90
    Airdyne- 28,23,21,21=93

  7. Thruster 195

    47, 42, 37, 38

  8. Thruster 1RM 200 lbs

    This isn’t a very accurate test in. I know I can do at least 10-15lbs more. I was as sore as I have ever been in my legs from doing 20’s WOD on Friday and it being the first WOD with weights I have done in weeks.

    AD 46,30,32,35 = 160 the hard way.

    • ha! Im a retard. AD total 143…someone at the gym did my math on the calculator and I swear thats what they told me…I was too delirious to do simple math in my head in the moment.

  9. Thanks for the good company and grub! Good times 🙂

  10. 156lbs for thruster…..121 on AD

  11. 75# thruster. AD: 26,22,20,21.= 90
    Fun intro after 2 weeks off.

    • I’ll tell you what, you GO AFTER that airdyne. Good work.

      • I HATE IT more than anything I have hated ever! I seriously thought I was going to pass out at the end. I saw stars. LOL.

  12. 192 Thruster. 54, 49,46,43 194 Airdyne.

    • Joel bows down to the Airdyne BEAST! But he will die trying to beat you, lol..

  13. 156# Thruster
    AD: 50,47,36,37=170
    First time back after 3 weeks away.

  14. Thruster max: 227, possibly had more but had poor time management and missed 226 with grip too close and had to step back. After getting 227 I feel I could get another 10 lbs or so .

    Airdyne: 37,35,28,29=129

    • Seriously 1lb, ha ha. I didn’t have another pound. I saw spots for a few seconds afterwards

  15. Andrea
    Well, this was a shitty way to start the week . . .
    Thruster: 125, alright
    AD: 41-30-25-28 Yup, I tanked! I have successfully avoided the AD and interval work for the past six months. Obviously a HUGE mistake. Oh yeah, on top of everything, Adelynn has been cleared to lift. The beast is back! I need to either work harder or accept my fate. Hmmmm. . .

  16. Thruster, 90lbs
    Air dyne reunion: 33, 30, 28, 29= 120

  17. Thruster: 175
    Airdyne: 54,43,42,45= 184

  18. Thruster max #65
    Almost got #70 ran out of time to try 67-68
    Airdyne 28, 18, 17, 0 = 63
    I announced from the get go I had to leave early in order to make it to work by 6:45… Really wish I could’ve stayed for that last round (said no one ever).

    • You went to the 5:00 before your night shift?? Beast!

      • I’m crazy like that! I’m pretty sure I wobbled through the parking lot and into the unit. The cold shower in the locker room felt so good after that hellacious airdyne.

  19. Thruster max 115. Also my first ever thruster. Just missed 135 twice.
    Airdyne 44, 34, 29, 36 = 143

  20. Thruster max: 100
    Airdyne: 33,27,28,28 = 116

  21. 1 rep max thruster: 120 lbs (at body weight of 122 lbs). I was happy about that because my previous best was 135 lbs at body weight of 135 lbs pre-baby. Plus I am still super sore.

  22. 120 thruster
    Bike: 28/28/28/25 = 109

  23. Thruster 130

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