Tests for Tuesday- 9-21-15. New Instructor Blood.

September 22, 2015

Gross Motor Efficacy- 10 minutes to establish your heaviest weight in the following complex:    Hang Clean/Full Clean.    Athlete deadlifts the bar to waist high and comes to a full stop.  To execute the hang clean, the athlete must project the bar to his/her shoulders, dip must stop somewhere above the knee. To execute the full clean, the bar must travel to the floor and back to the shoulders.  Any height on the catch is acceptable.  Bar must touch and go.  Weight can not come to rest on the floor.

Mixed Event, Medium length Metcon-  For time.

6 length sled push @ +90/+50

30 Pullups

60 Ab Mat Situps

30 Burpees

On a different note, we are demo-ing some new possible new instructors, both current staff members at CF Wilimington.  Gage will run the Friday at 7am, and Brandon Wednesday at 1.  I’ll be on hand to observe.  We’re excited to have some new perspectives on staff, but I’d also like your feedback.  (Confidentially and off the record of course)  What you like and don’t like: equally important.



  1. Heaviest clean series 195
    Sled / pull ups/ sit ups / Burpees 7:27 rx

  2. Last completed at 205, jumped to 225 but lower back pain stopped me in my tracks I’ve done 225 hang cleanm cycle many times before.
    9:55 small chipper. Butterfly all pull ups but it was in small batches.

  3. A. 110
    B. 10:10 rxd

  4. Clean series 135.
    Metcon: literally the worst 17:09 of my life. See you tomorrow.

    • edit: 2x purple assistance

    • Yea, that was pretty hard. Good effort.

    • I read your post twice today and I love it!!! I was pretty sure I was going to be right there with you, but I surprised myself. Good job today!!! It was a tough one AND YOU FINISHED IT SO NICE JOB!!!!

  5. Clean series: 160
    WOD: 8:49rx

    • 160??? Holy crap that’s amazing!!

    • Damn! 160 is LEGIT!

    • Dammmnnnn girl!

    • Thanks guys!

  6. clean: 120
    work: 10:26 rx

    • Wow Jacqui! Good job!!

    • Jacqui, I’m a night owl so reading through everyone’s posts again. I’m totally wishing you came to 1:00pm more often so I can workout with you!!! 🙂

      • Well it is football season. So depending on how late I stay up Sunday night, I may be at more 1:00 on Mondays!

        And my 120 clean was definitely shitty, not pretty 🙂
        Dawn’s 120 was pretty!

  7. clean series: 85
    metcon: 10:20 + black band (I think, need to check board again tomorrow)

  8. Clean Series: 206#
    WOD: 13:10 with black band

  9. Hang clean/full clean = 95lbs
    WOD: 12:48 RX’d on all EXCEPT the pullups (I used the fat black band for assistance). A full hour later and I still feel shaky and a little sick to my stomach.

    Andrea KILLED it today!! She is always my inspiration and motivates me to not give up. 🙂

  10. Cleans: 80lbs
    Metcon: 12:57 Rx. Had a really hard time keeping my grip on my pull ups which was odd. Fun workout though!

  11. Clean 175…I had 185 but again soreness held me back. I just didn’t have it in me to drop under the bar. The hang holds me back. PR full clean is 225, hang maybe 185.

    WOD 10:16 RX. I’d like to try this again soon…My abs broke down 15 sit ups in and I could only do 2 or 3 at a time before they would cramp and spasm.

    • You were totally entertaining me while I was judging Andrea. Good job Marcos!!! ABs were the WORST, or so I thought, and then I had to do 30 burpees. Do I have Jill to thank for this workout????

  12. Hang cleans: 98lbs
    MetCon: had to scale the pull-ups with bands, 10:29

  13. Cleans 176lbs….. Got the hang clean twice at 186lbs but couldn’t stick the full clean….. Wod 9:08 RX ….. That sled push is no joke!!…..out the rest of the week, see you Monday

  14. Clean Series: 105
    WOD: 11:20 with +2 purple bands for pull-up assistance

  15. Clean 185


  16. Clean 215
    Metcon 8:42rx

  17. Cleans Series: 65 (need to stop overthinking the movements and just do it)
    Metcon: 9:06 (Scaled pull ups using gray band and 25 vs 50 on sled push)

  18. Heaviest series 225
    Completed metcon 8:01

  19. 186 on clean
    Metcon – 11:51, stopped at 10 burpees due to time constraints. Used thick & thin purple bands on pullups.

  20. 8:11 rxd

    Will do the clean complex tomorrow.

  21. Clean 120
    Wod 10:35

  22. Did this workout on Thursday. 2 days late. Got 6:34. Sled in 1:45 15 Second transition across the gym to pullups. 21- then 9 in about 55 seconds. (3min) Butterfly felt fantastic. 60 Situps in about 1:45 (4:45). 30 Burpees in 1:50. Good, balanced wod. Butterfly speed saved my time.

  23. Clean series 125

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