TESTS for Wed, 9-23-15 and Another Yoga Idea.

September 23, 2015

Upper Body Push Strength–  2 Mins max reps Bench press at 100%/66% Bodyweight.  Bar from full extension to contacting the chest back to full extension is one rep.  Hips cannot leave the bench.  Spotter can assist from rack to extension and back again, but if the spotter touches the bar or the lifter during a rep, that rep is void. Start and stop as many times as you like in the 2 minutes.

Mental Toughness/Discomfort–  Row M-2000m/W-1500m, then 100 wallballs 20/14 for two scores.  1st score is the row portion for time.  Second score is the total time for both row and Wallballs. Scores are weighted equally. This is done to stop people from dogging the row.

As you may know, my efforts to bring Yoga to CFCB and/or Monkey Junction have thus far been unsuccessful, but I had an idea I’d like your assistance with.

I’d like to trade a monthly membership to a yoga instructor willing to teach 1 class per week at CFCB. The only restriction is that we’d hold this class on the weekend. This would give the membership at least 1 opportunity to get some yoga in at no cost to you, so please spread the word amongst the yoga types you know. Ideally the class would bend toward some sort of strength based yoga, (Power Yoga?!??! I don;t really know if that’s actually a “thing”).

While it’s on my mind, Ashley HS running is happening at 5:45 am. Soon it will be too cold, so get your laps in now!!



  1. Wednesday body weight 203. Rounded up to 205. 20 reps @ 205 in 2 min.
    Row/wall ball. Damper 10 2k time 8:16. Total time 18:03. I did sets of 10 catching off the bounce which works best for me. Ended up doing sets of 5 after 40. My knees are hurting!

  2. 14 reps @ 185. Row was 7:55, Total time was 17:10 including Wallballs.

  3. CGBP (hands completely inside the smooth part):
    10 @ 95lbs slight above 66%bw

    1500 row: 6:36

    Skipped wallballs. I was actually just going to do 50 to prevent leg soreness, but my legs cramped after 1 so I DNF. I have a tennis tournament this weekend if the weather holds up.

  4. Bench 175 got 23 reps
    2k row 8:19
    Total time 16:54

  5. So happy to be back!!!!

    Bench: 20@70# (should have gone heavier)
    1500 row: 7:40
    total: 15:04

  6. Just poked my head in real quick for the bench test.

    BW hovers right around 170, rounded up to 175 for test.

    175 lb. X’s 20 reps

  7. 11@75lbs, just under 66% bw
    1500 row: 7:42 total 15:37 @10lb wall ball

  8. Bench – 4 reps at 85. Yup.

    • OK, so we can work on it….

      • I don’t like the rounding up rule 😉

  9. Yoga would be awesome! I hate it but I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 20@235
    Wall ball +Row=15:55

  11. Bench Press
    BW 172
    175 x 18

    2k row/100 WB
    Row 7:33
    Total 15:44

    • Great time!

  12. Bench press 66%bw=71.. Brandon rounded up a generous 4lbs and I did 75lbs. I knocked 2 out easy in my warm up so my game plan was quick sets of 2 with short rests. Well I got 5 in my first minute so I assumed I would get 10…. However the second minute I got 1 and failed 4x.. Thanks Rachel for your consistent bail out and I still say I stuff my bra next time so I have something to bounce the bar off of! Score: 6@75lbs. Row/wall balls: row:7:28, total time 21:40 (used 10lb wallball and had to do singles due to an aggravating shoulder injury. Thanks for the cheers… And sorry for all the obscenities.)

  13. Bench Press: 80lbs, 14 reps
    Row at 6:54, then wall ball torture totaling both out at 15:35- used 14# ball but was somewhat inconsistent with hitting the 9′ mark……

  14. 105×14

    Row in 6:20- no time to do WB

    Nice work 5 and 6 pm!!

  15. Bench 7@180 sad I know.

    2k row 7:47
    Row + 100 wallballs 16:06rx

  16. Bp 12×85 (scaled)
    Row 6:59
    Total w/stupid wb 18:07
    I have no mental toughness.

  17. Scaled bench obviously as I did 85 lbs and we all know that’s not 66% of my BW – got 22. First time benching in about 6 months. Felt heavy.

    Row 1500m – 6:05
    Did air squats instead of WB – second actual work-out back and legs are sore from 45 lbs and 65 lbs front squats I did on Monday so bailed on WB in hopes I will be able to walk and squat to pick up my child tomorrow – 12:33

    Long post. Glad to be back. Promise I won’t write novels everytime. I’m just excited.

  18. Bench press 12@165
    “I scaled, my body weight is 172.”

    2k row 7:18
    2k row and 100 wall ball 14:00

  19. Bench 14@95

    I skipped wallball hell and did a chipper instead. Fuck you Nick and your stupid wallballs.

  20. BP: 125×11 (scaled to ~80%)
    Row 2000m: 8:29
    Row+100WB: 18:40

  21. Performed a day late.
    Bench Press: N/A
    Row 1500m: 6:37
    Row/ 100 wall balls: 14:34

  22. 10? @ 95lbs
    Row: 7:08
    50 wall balls total time for both 10:48

  23. Did this workout 2 days late. Row in 7:24. This was kind of encouraging. My PR is 7:22 and hurt MUCH worse than the 7:24 did. Row/Wallballs total in 13:52. Spent 1 minute after the row throwing and dropping (7 reps) and then had to start the push. So from 8:30 to 13:52 I did 93 wallballs (3 no-reps) or just over 17.5 wallballs per minute under metabolic duress. This is a big improvement on a weak spot for me.

  24. Performed on 9/30:
    Row= 7:04
    Row + 100 wall balls=16:27

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