WOD for Friday 9-24-15

September 25, 2015

BALANCE/BODY AWARENESS-  4 RFT.  50 Heavyrope Singles on 1 leg, Balance beam Traverse,45/25 Plate held Overhead, 10 HSPU’s, Balance beam traverse W 45/25 Plate held overhead.

You may even call this workout “Fun”.  Pretty Short,  not that hard.

LOWER BODY STRENGTH-  Back squat max reps in two minutes. M/225, W/155

Nice work on the Overhead Squats.  I saw some great improvement even from beginning to end of the workout.  Well done!



  1. Test 1: 6:49 kipping hspu
    Back squats 15 @225

  2. Test 1: 10:25, scaled to 30 push-ups instead of HSPU….
    Test 2: 14 reps at 115lbs.

  3. Test 1: 9:56, HSPU with one plate under mat
    Back squats 16 @85lbs

  4. WOD: 8:44rx
    2 min back squat: 17rx

  5. 15:26 RX – nothing more frustrating than missing a rep on hspu! Maybe one day I will get better at these!

    2 min bs: 13 @ 135lbs

  6. Wod- 10:38 scaled hspu- 1st round did 30 push-ups, rounds 2-4 did wall walk up static hold

    BS- 15@105

  7. WOD 8:07 RX

    Disappointingly had to start over on the beam twice and hit a wall on last set of HSPU.

    BS 185X’s21

    First time doing any heavyish BS since hurting myself a few months back doing 225 BS so breaking myself back in.

  8. Aaron J. 225×21

  9. There was no “fun” had by me in that one. Had to stop mid way. First scaled with burpees without the jump (calf) then HSPU were no where to be found so scaled to push-ups then the balance beam also started to hurt my calf then I couldn’t physically do a push up because I was so sore. Can we say BCAAs anyone?

    Backsquat Rx at 21 reps

  10. Balance WOD
    I suck at HSP

    Back squat
    13 @ 225

  11. Back squats first due to large class.
    23@225 RX
    WOD 5:55 RX this was fun!

  12. WOD: 16:17 first 2 rds Rx and then my shoulder would take no more so I did 30 push-ups last 2 rds.
    Back squat: 14@90

  13. 15;46 with 30 snake PUinstead oh HSPU
    Didn’t back squat as my legs are sore but did shoulder presses at 65 lbs x 10

  14. Test 1 6:47 kipping hspu
    Back squats 12 @225

  15. 2:00 max effort 225# back squats: 20

    WOD: dnf

    Scaled regular heavy rope and push ups. 2 rds 7:50

  16. WOD 6:44rx
    Squats: 155×19

    • First time doing hspu and you nailed it! Good job, Mackie!

      • Thanks! I also forgot to mention I really enjoyed Nick’s warm-up, good way to ease into it

  17. Andrea
    1) 8:15 kipping HSPU +1 plate (I should have ditched the plate, but my HSPU timing is sooo unpredictable)
    2) 16 BS rx

  18. 8:41 i think. static hold handstand scale.
    skipped the backsquats in favor of watching everyone do backsquats. much less tiring.

  19. 13:43 or something like that for wod. Hpsu with 35lb plate.

    Bs 14 rxd

  20. 11:27 scaled w/ 30 push-ups each round

    13 x 205 B.S.

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