Apologies are in order. And Wod details for Wednesday 9-30-15

September 30, 2015

First off,  I believe I may have gotten the top 5 wrong on last weeks Medium length, Multi event metcon.  Shelby, Jacqui and Jen N.  may have gotten slighted.  And it was even Jen’s Birthday!  So, as soon as time permits I will rexamine the photo I took of the board and correct things.  Meanwhile, apologies to everyone who got gypped.

The WOD tomorrow is as follows

10 Minutes- Clean and Jerk Instruction

10 Clean and Jerks at 205/125, Run a mile, 10 Clean and Jerks at 205/125

The vast majority of you (myself included) will scale this workout.  Here are some metrics to consider when you do so.

  • 80-90% of your 1 RM Clean and Jerk
  • Heavy Enough that you cannot cycle, therefore you will likely drop every rep.
  • Rep spacing is expected to be about 1 every 15-30 seconds.  If you are faster than that,  you scaled too much.
  • 1 or 2 misses on the way to 10 reps is appropriate.

If you must err,  err on the side of lighter, especially if you are newer than 6 months into the program.  If your instructor suggests that you drop some weight, please do.

If you can’t run, your substitute is a 2k row.




  1. 17:28 @105

    First 10 clean and jerks 3:30
    10 minute mile (did two 800m runs due to fire trucks blocking off the path. Thanks for the heads up, Jacqui)
    Second clean and jerk 4 minutes.

    I remember when 105 was light…. I will hang my head in shame as Adelynn kills this workout 4 weeks postpartum.

    • They were out there again today, but we had a dry opening between the trucks! And 105 was probably light when that was not your BW 🙂

  2. 1 rep 100
    11:42 @85 (85%)
    1:45, 7:30 mile (thanks Joel for the push), 30 sec rest then 2 min for the last clean and jerks.

  3. 24:08 RX
    Super slow mile
    Missed 1 and 10 on last set

    • Prescribed weight though! Impressive.

    • Agreed. Nice job Jason!

    • Awesome!! You pushed hard.

  4. 1 rep 255
    13:45 RX (didn’t look at the clock till it was over so no idea how long each individual activity took)

    Personal achievement got on the Board with a 186 lb snatch. (Thanks for the advice that lead me to this)

    • Whoa!! Good Numbers. That clean gets you on the board as well.

      • Just trying to earn that shirt *tear* I try so hard

  5. 1 RM 120. Tried 125. Got the clean. Not overhead.

    12:41 at 100 (somewhere between 80 and 90%)

    I didn’t look at clock so I don’t know my splits.

  6. 11:58 @ 55# ( back still no good)
    (Run was 8:05, really happy with that)

  7. 15:50 @85, didn’t record splits

  8. 1rm clean & jerk: 120 – PR (previous was 116)

    13:10 @ 85lbs – scaled this big time and ran a comfortable pace in 9:30ish to save my energy & shoulders for a tennis match tonight.

  9. 16:53 @75. (Which is about 90% of my 1 rep of 85lbs)
    3:10 first set of c&j
    1 mile 9:20
    30 seconds of rest- 3:53 10 c&j
    1:00 class and it was HOT🔥🔥

  10. Still not comfortable going for a 1RM but I went up to 185

    WOD 18:16 @ 155 Had to run 2 800’s due to fire drills and the heat and humidity were unbelievable @ 1!

  11. Scaled to 80, 14:13 total time. Forgot to check after first set of cleans to calculate mile time.

  12. CJ max 175
    Cleaned 185

    11:51 @ 150 lbs
    10 – 2:33
    Run 6:40 (2:40-9:20)
    10 2:16 (9:35-11:51)

  13. Did not do 1 rep max – just worked on clean and jerk as I haven’t done it in awhile. Got to 125 and felt pretty good but stopped there.

    WOD at 105 – 14:37

  14. Wod 16:14 at 185.
    1st 10 = 4:00

    Hats off to Terrance. Great job today.

  15. Andrea
    Well I fucked this one up by not focusing:
    Clean & Jerk: 135. I cleaned 140 but couldn’t get it over head. Boooo!
    WOD: 12:02 at 120.
    Why the hell I didn’t put 5 more pounds on and do it rx is beyond me and so stupid. I could have done it. Second, Zack came in ahead of me in the run, of course. I was one behind him on the second set of C&J. Im my effort to catch up, I lost my own count. I think I did one too many but can’t be sure. What a mess and a good lesson in staying focused!
    Fun workout

  16. 12:57 at 135, 1rm was 165

    Mile was 8:10

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