WOD for Friday. AM athletes, Please welcome our new instructor Brandon.

October 2, 2015

A) Ten minutes on the Overhead Squat

B) Ten Minutes on Kipping/Butterfly instruction

C) For time: 21-15-9 Overhead Squat @95/65/Pullups.

6, 7 and 8:45 you’ll get instruction from the our newest instructor Brandon O, who’ll be teaching alternating Friday mornings on a regular basis.  Brandon’s not aware of your …Charming…Neurosis, so break it to him slowly.  Please help him out in terms of navigating the room, finding stuff, etc.  We’ve never had an instructor who was not involved in some way, shape or form with the gym beforehand.  I am really looking forward to Brandon’s (and Gage, who will coach the friday’s opposite Brandon) new perspective on CrossFit.



  1. 6:19 rx

    • You got me by 1 second

  2. 8:43 rxd

  3. 9:52; @45 plus gray band

  4. 5:32 rxd

    • You looked great! Didn’t even look like you were sweating 😉

    • Yay, Whitney! Great job getting stuck back in

  5. 9:52 rx

  6. 3:50rx

    • Great time!!

    • Great job old man

  7. I thought Brandon did a great job

    13:09 @35lbs–OHS is still tough for me

  8. 13:12 RX
    First time RX on PU

    • Way to go on the pull-ups! !!

    • Good job Jason!

    • That is very cool!!

  9. 14:27 @ 55lbs. 55 is on the very heavy side for my OHS but I am trying to get as close to Rx on WODS as I can even if time suffers. I wasted precious time and energy by not being able to snatch it..so I had to clean, push over head, and push jerk it..and 5 in a row was my max.

  10. 3:12
    All OHS’s unbroken
    First 13 or 14 pull ups butterfly, reverted to kipping and breaks as needed there after.

  11. 4:35@65lbs (knee felt fine through the workout but got sore/stiff after…… Iceing it now)

  12. 6:20 RX
    1st time I’ve completed a 21, 15, 9 complex in Butterfly pull-ups. Both hands are ripped but I’m and stoked I did it. Best I could string together was 10 before resetting.

  13. RX’d Cant remember if my time was 6:12 or 6:21. Either one is better than I thought, but now as good as I hoped. OHS are def improving but need much more work.

  14. 7:54 Scaled @45lbs and grey band
    Need to continue to work on OHS.

  15. 11:27 all butterfly pull-ups except for 4

  16. Andrea
    Wod: 5:20 rx
    All OHS unbroken and legit depth
    First 21 pull ups weren’t bad
    I went to the bar for my last 9pu at 4:35, or something close, but it took 45eff-ing seconds to complete my pull-ups. I should have been sub 5:00. Oh well!
    Congrats to all doing butterfly pull-ups!!!

  17. 5:11

    65# OHS, should’ve done maybe 10# more.

    Did butterfly Pullups for the first time!

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