WOD for Friday 8-9-15. 6 pm is cancelled.

October 9, 2015

Apologies, but I’ve had some scheduling problems.  I am cancelling 6pm classes and may be forced to bring my kid to the 1 and the 5 pm sessions.

10 mins Rope technique review.  Lots of ways to climb the rope, Here‘s a few.


For time:

run 400 m

21 Thrusters @ 95/65

3 Rope Climbs  (scale is 9 rope pullups or 15 bar pullups)

run 400 m

15 thrusters

2 Rope Climbs  (6 rope pullups or 10 bar pullups)

run 400 m

9 thrusters

1 rope climb  (3 rope pullups or 5 bar pullups)



  1. 19:27 w/pull-ups

  2. 11:42 rx

  3. 15:30 rx
    Gage did a great job with a big 6am class

  4. i did monday’s: PP: 90, PJ 110
    amrap 15 hc/wb: 165 rx.

  5. 23:25rx –super rough for me…couldn’t recover well from thrusters..ended up walking a good bit on the run

  6. WOD:
    Taught Rob and Ryan to never trust women by convincing them 400m runs were to the 400m mark *and back*, so we all did 800m runs for each of the three cycles.

    Total time: 23:52. Thrusters Rx but had to scale rope climbs. I blame it on the extra running.

    • *23:32

      • Hilarious ~ andrea

  7. 10:49 rx

    • Now that is a great score. Congrats!

      • 👍

  8. 16:32 with varied versions of rope climbs.

    First round – rxd rope x 2, 3rd was about halfway up
    Second round – halfway up
    Third – rope pulls

    Rope is a weakness and not something I particularly like – need to work on it.

  9. 17:00 ish @ 55 and first 5 rope climbs were somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 way up
    I was so excited about achieving a full climb for my last one that I forgot to check my finish time, but I think I was right around 17 min

  10. 20:37 RX
    Thrusters hurt & were the worst of the 3 movements!
    If I had longer limbs, I could make it up the rope in 2 pulls. But it’s more like 2 1/2, so the 3rd pull gets me past the rx mark every time. I just need to get better at starting the rope climb with not as much rest.

  11. 22:04@55lbs and Rx rope climbs. Started at 65 lbs but it was killing my shoulder! Stoked about rope climbs! Doing them fatigued is mentally challenging!

  12. Andrea
    11:37 Rx – I was super anxious about this word. I am terrified of heights and struggle with the rope. I was forced to a white rope in round two – found a solid connection and that rope worked better for me. Also, I was prepared to split my round of 9 but Brock encouraged/suggested I do it unbroken. A bit painful but not as bad as I thought. Thanks for the push!

    • Excellent score!

  13. 14 minutes rxd at Sunday open gym with Adelynn.

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