WOD for Tuesday 10-13-15. Details on the Saturday event. One request regarding Election season.

October 13, 2015

As a Government/Political Science major in college,  I learned long ago that you are but a an insignificant cog in a grand machine, global in scope,and  controlled mostly by the Illuminati and the Military/Industrial complex.  Your influence on the political process is nonextistant, and to feel otherwise is an hilarious illusion.  BUT,  I realize some of you still cling to the fantasy of being “part of the process”  and are likely to have strong opinions about the upcoming presidential election.  As the electoral season progresses and your passions rise, do me one enormous favor.  While it’s not my place to restrict what you talk about, nor am I interested in doing so; but please don’t make anyone at the gym feel uncomfortable.   Be aware that within our membership we have a wide range of political sensibilities going from one extreme to the other and likely covering all points in between.   Let’s all unite behind the one thing we have in common,  (a desire to get a Sub 3 Fran)  and respectfully agree to disagree on Candidate XYZ. or at the very least, take it out to the dumpsters before you start any passioned political debate.

This was not at all prompted by any “incident”,  just want to preempt anyone feeling like the gym is not a place where they can feel welcome.

Saturday’s In House Comp:  Most of these events are stolen directly or modified from a Fitness Trainer named James Fitzgerald and his OPEX fitness organization  (http://opexfit.com/optathlon).  We’ll run this like a competition,  on schedule, with judges etc.  Events will run in this order, contrary to what was posted earlier.  PS-  Everyone is encouraged to participate, scaling totally allowed.

10 AM- Athlete Briefing.  Heats assigned.

10:15 – 10:30  MEN-  10 mins to establish a 1 RM Clean and Jerk. Score is total Lbs.

10:30- 10:45 Men  3 Attempts, max Ball Throw 40# Sand Ball

10:15 to 10:45 WOMEN Row 500 m,  rest 90 seconds Row 500 m.

10:45-11:15 MEN Row 500 m, rest 90 Seconds, Row 500 m.

10:45-11:00 WOMEN 10 mins to establish a 1 RM Clean and Jerk. Score is total Lbs.

11:00-11:15 WOMEN  3 Attempts, max Ball Throw 30# Sand Ball

11:15- Men and Women:  Mile Run  (Change from 1.5 Mile Run)

11:35- Final Event.   TBA

WOD for Tuesday 10-13-15

Row 5 mins for max calories

rest 1 minute

5 Min Heavy Rope for max reps

rest 1 min

Airdyne 5 Mins for max Calories

rest 1 min

Run 800 m for time.

4 Separate scores.



  1. Started with C2 rower.
    Row 81. Damper setting 10
    Rope 65
    Bike 59
    Run 3:29

  2. Started on rope
    Rope 114
    AD 56
    Row 64
    Run 3:32

  3. Heavy Rope 102
    Bike 69
    Row 72
    Run 3:18

  4. Inspired by the mid to high 90’s efforts of Glen, Rob, Ryan F. and Joel I decided to really push on the rower regardless of the consequences on subsequent scores. I got 101 which is definitely a 5 minute pr, and I do 5 minute rows for calories with some frequency. So THAT was good news. Bad news thereafter as my Heavy Rope was a pretty horrible 55pts (220 singles) I was so shot from the row I did about 10 singles in the first 90 seconds. Airdyne was a below average 83, anything less than 18/minute therefore 90 in 5 is not good for me. Scaled the run to ski erg and got 65 calories.

  5. Row: 68
    Rope: 75
    Airdyne: 45..lame…
    Run: 4:04

  6. row: 66
    hr: 318/4=79.5
    ad: 31…even lamer…
    run: 4:10…even more lamer…

    I’ve given up on trying to be fast…slow and steady is more in my dna.

  7. HR: 110
    AD: 71
    Row: 75
    Run: 4:03

  8. Rope: 94
    AD: 66
    Row: 59
    Run: 3:21

  9. Row 108
    HR 71.5
    AD 53
    Run 3:12

  10. Started with heavy rope

    HR (total 615) score- 153
    AD (fml) – 44
    Row- 66
    Run- 4:08

    Went out really hard on the HR and my calves felt it the whole way through for sure. Still working thru the jet lag

    • Wow, over 2 jumps per second is quite incredible to sustain for 5 minutes.

      • heavy rope is my thing.

  11. row 65
    hr 305/75ish
    ad 42
    ski erg 40
    i didn’t really go after anything because i’m lazy and have decided my natural state is sloth. you can find me on the couch nursing wine if you need me.

  12. I started on the heavy rope.
    HR = 81 (325/4)
    AD = 39
    Row = 48
    Run = 6:19 (I did some jogging/walking intervals; couldn’t seem to catch my breath and legs felt like JELLO).

    I was super impressed by Lindsey’s heavy ripe skills. She was doing 200 reps at a time without stopping and image it look so easy.

  13. Row: 55
    HR: 110
    AD: 36
    Run: 3:48 tried to keep up with Zack but he bolted about halfway back and I couldn’t hang!

  14. Row 70, AD 44, HR 80, Run 4:40

  15. Guys row athletes Zack @ 108, Neil @ 107, Joe @ 106. That’s damn good! Nice job!

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