WOD for thursday 10-15-15 Early am running returns.

October 15, 2015

Kate, Fox, K and Susan have charted out some distances in and around the Home Depot parking lot.  Ashley HS doesn’t respect your standing as a taxpayer enough to allow you access to their track.   Informal running club is back in action,  All welcome, be they fast or slow.

Tomorrow’s running work is: 2 reps each of 1200, 400, 200, 100m with a mile warmup and cool down.  Its great weather to run, everybody….. Meet at the gym at 6am,  you can drop off your stuff and then go run at 6 and wod at 7.

CrossFit is:

15 minutes-  Work a weakness.  Technical, high skill demand.  Ab crunches are not a weakness….

10 Minutes Snatch Review.

5 Minute practice then

EMOM x 10  Get through this complex as heavy as possible.

Hang Split Snatch Right,  Hang Split Snatch Left,  Hang Power Snatch,  Hang Full Snatch.

Score is total load across all 10 reps.



  1. 10 rounds @116. = 1160
    I thought I would be able to jump up in weight through the higher rounds. But my form was getting bad so I stayed to keep good form.

  2. 115×10=1150

  3. 443 in 9 rds. Did all 4 reps in one round but did 2 right foots and didn’t have time to fit in a left. oops! Worked on bar muscle ups and got 2 with band assistance which was fun. Now to lose the bands!

  4. 9 rounds, varied weight from 55lbs to 65lbs. Failed next to last round.
    545 total lbs.
    Skill work= Double-Unders, AKA repeated leg slashing.

  5. DNF
    warmed up with snatches…hurt
    switched to cleans @ 85lbs. Did 3 rounds and this stupid impingement in my shoulder kept catching and shooting pain down my arm.

    Worked on bar mu, which surprisingly doesn’t hurt my shoulder.
    Worked on Brock’s way of catching & cycling the wallball to protect my shoulder.

  6. Thursday total weight 1085 in 10 rounds

    Won’t be here tomorrow so did Friday’s workout (yall have fun!) 34:52

  7. 10 rounds snatch
    Total 1027.5

    I joined Greg and Amber to do Friday I will be absent also.
    Time 32:30
    Watch out for the box!

  8. 1st 3 rounds just bar; 7 rounds @ 45 — Total 420
    Snatches are a total weakness for me, need to keep working on them!

  9. Andrea
    (8) rounds at 75lbs
    (2) rounds at 80lbs
    Total: 760

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