WOD for Friday 10-16-15. 6pm class MAY be cancelled. Please, check back tomorrow for more info.

October 16, 2015

Apologies, AGAIN, I may have to cancel Friday’s 6 pm.  All of our instructors are travelling at the same time.   I’m trying to free up my own conflicts and may be able to instruct, but please check back friday afternoon for updates.

Please don;t forget about our Saturday competition.  5 Events in 2 hours.  10-12.  Signup on the “BENCHMARK WORKOUTS” board at the gym.

Tomorrow’s 6 , 7 and 8:45 will have Brandon as your instructor.  We end the week on a long, tough note.

4 Rounds for time:

40 KB Swings 24/16,  30 Wallballs 20/14 to 10/9,  20 Burpees,  10 Box Jumps @ 30″/24″

Mandatory 3 minute rest between rounds.

Scale the KB swings to Russian/Eye level swings.

Scale the wallballs with reduced height.

Burpees don;t scale.

Scale the Box Jumps with step-ups.

With the exception of the box jumps, all of these movements are something you can keep grinding through even when severely fatigued.  Remember you have a 3 minute break between rounds, so push hard and don;t pace too much too soon.

This workout caps at 40 minutes.



  1. 33:51. I scaled the box to 20″ jumps.

  2. 38:01 with 20″ box jumps
    Third time I’ve done this workout with Susan and she’s kicked my ass every time

    • For anyone interested we did a two round version 5/27/14 and April ? 2014

      Forgot to sign up but I’ll be there Saturday

  3. Wall balls are a weakness..struggled greatly, was reduced to 1 at a time to maintain RX
    366 repsRX which equals 3 rounds +40Kb +26 WB

  4. 35:08 rx

  5. 31:54 Splits were 5:07, 5:5?, 6:10, 6:5?. I got slower every round. I tried to fraction my KB Swings in such as way as to get a little faster at the wallballs and burpees, but it never worked. I just rested more during the swings and stayed equally slow during the remainder. Only the jumps went well. Unpleasant; start to finish. Neil beat me by a good minute and change.

  6. 36:54, rx

  7. 31:40; scaled to 20″ box jumps, kb swings to eye level and most wall balls were barely at 9′ mark. tough one today!

  8. 38. step ups. and everything else was a flailing hot mess. i believe i was sweating from my eyes. purty.

  9. 32:58 Rx

  10. 34:30 RD 1 RX, round 2,3,4 kb eye level, RD 2 box jumps RX (Missed twice) RD 3&4 went all sissy and stepped 24″.

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