WODS for the week of 10-26 to 10-30

October 19, 2015

First off,  I was remiss in failing to thank Adelynn G. whose help was essential to making Saturday’s mini-competition the smooth success that it was.  Much obliged AVG!  A good time was had by all.  Members:  you are encouraged to put down the corn chips and the Mt. Dew and attend our next in-house throwdown.  If you never come to these, people start to think it’s because you’re afraid of being exposed as a fraud by the live judges, and then the whispering starts…..But as always:  no pressure, no judgements.

Here’s your work for the week.  Something for everyone.  Short bursts.  Longer sustained actions.  A Benchmark workout.  Some strength periods.  You’ll have fun.

Monday–  4×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift.  Then, JACKIE:  for time row 1k, 50 thrusters at 45/35, 30 Pullups. (last performed 5-28-14  and 5-1-14)

Tuesday– For Time 60 Airdyne Calories, 50 KB Swings, 40 Lengths Five m shuttle run w MedBall.  rest 10 Minutes.  Repeat

Wednesday– 15 Minutes- FS work to a heavy single.  Then, 5x,  Against a 60 second clock.  1 Lap sled push @ +90/50 Max reps Box Jump-Overs 24/20  in time remaining.

Thursday–  5×3 Shoulder Press Ascending.  Set # 5 should be 100%.  20 minute AMRAP  1 Burpee, 2 Pullups, 3 crossover pushups, 4 Lunges, 5 Double Unders. (last performed 6-29-10)

Friday-  Split anyway you want:  75 Pullups, 75 Squat Cleans  115/80 for time. (last performed 11-10-11).  Then.  Accumulate 3 minutes of Ab Plank.



  1. 205×5 snatch grip deadlifts
    Jackie 10:56 RX. I did 40 pull ups instead of 30. I don’t know why either.

  2. Snatch grip deadlift 240
    Jackie 6:45

  3. SGDL – 125 but had trouble holding onto the bar
    Jackie – 11:22 rx

  4. Jackie: 15:48 (with bands)
    No deadlifts. First day back after 18 days off due to back injury. OUCH!

  5. SGDL – 5×125. Did 145×2 & felt slight twinge in back so stopped there. I was very sore most of last week from Monday’s DL & didn’t want to push today

    Jackie- 12:58 RX
    Previous 11/4/14 -10:14 w/ 30lb bar & +2 band

    • Yay for Rx!!! That’s great, Michelle! ~ Andrea

  6. SGDL: 145

    Jackie: 11:19 rx – PR is 10:04 @ 30lbs & a good shoulder

  7. Snatch grip deadlift 285
    Jackie 9:05

  8. Snatch grip deadlift: 125lbs, struggled to grip bar entirely.
    Jackie: 11:33, +2 band assistance

  9. 9:20 rxd. Definitely a pr. I think my previous time was in the 11 minute range.

    • And you made the board!!!

    • And knocked me off ;-P

      Good job!

  10. snatch grip deadlift – 125
    Jackie: 11:26 +3 band

  11. Last Jackie we did was on 11-5-14 as part of the TPECF programming.

  12. Jackie RX 8:44

    I am pleased with this score, I said going in I would be happy with anything under 10. My previous PR was 8:07. I have missed a lot over the past few months for injury, so I don’t think I am too far off of beating that PR…SUB 8 I am coming!

  13. Monday
    Jackie: 9:26 rx

  14. Snatch grip deadlift 155
    Jackie – 10:25rxd

    Last time I could find was 10:27 with 1 band

  15. 8:38rx (missed PR by 4 f&@king seconds)

  16. SGDL: 125×5. Grip is definitely the limiting factor!
    Jackie: 13:00 Rx
    Only previous time I could find was 10/14 last year: 12:23, 30lb bar, +2bands

  17. SGDL: 95×5 Lost grip on 105 and still feel pretty tight from last Monday so decided to take it easy.
    Jackie: 14:43 Scaled with one thin grey band. Not the most fun I’ve ever had but strangely looking forward to improving my time on this one.

  18. Andrea
    Snatch grip deadlift x5@165 – hook grip made a big difference for me

    Jacqui: 9:21rx – I felt good about my row, thrusters were harder than I expected, I suck at volume pull-ups
    May 1, 2014 – 11:13rx
    May 28, 2014 – 10:36 rx

  19. 9:05 rx

    • Snatch grip deadlift 175

  20. Performed a day late: Jackie in 622 as follows: 345 row. 150 for the thrusters, unbroken, but a couple of pauses at overhead. Pullups in 45 seconds. unbroken. butterfly held to #28. Snatch Grip deads the day before @ 215. Also, I had my rower and thruster bar right next to the pullup bar, so any transition time was minimized.

  21. Snatch grip DL: 135
    Jackie: 12:07 with +2 red bands

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