WOD for Tuesday 10-20-15

October 20, 2015

First off, Great work on “Jackie”, one of my favorites.  The All Time Leaderboard got shake up as Greg jumped from tied for 3rd to second with a 6:45, Whitney placed third at 9:20  and Jill bumped Veronica off the top of the mountain with a 9:05!  Just as exciting to me was seeing some people take this on for the first time.   “Jackie” has some unusual after-effects.  Well done everybody.

The WOD for tomorrow is altered somewhat from Sunday night’s original post.  Numbers slightly reduced.

For time

60 Airdyne Calories

45 Kettlebell Swings

30 Lengths 5m shuttle run ( carrying 20/14 lb med ball)

rest 10 minutes. Repeat.



  1. 27:40. Airdyne is not a strength of mine. Good workout though

  2. 24:29, scaled to 12kg kb

  3. 23:59

  4. 28:55 – still trying to figure out a way to get some power on that bike. Standing up, holding the handle bars lower, leaning down lower, changing the seat height…none of it works…sucks

  5. 25:35 rx.

    Great job on a new Jackie PR Brock!

  6. 31:51 Rx. Sorry for the things I said during AD.😩 I hate that SOB.

    • Hate that I missed that show ~ Andrea

  7. 23:47

    That hurt

  8. 26:06 (kb eye level)

  9. Andrea
    23:12 rx

  10. 22:36

  11. 26:09 (kb@16)

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